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An invoice is a document sent or given by the seller or supplier to the buyer to show quantity of goods and total price customer is to pay.  Sometimes it serves as a reminder for buyer to pay for goods received while sometimes it can be given to buyer before the goods are supplied. In this post, I try to focus on writing Jumia Invoice which can be used for other E-commerce online or offline platforms which you can quickly edit and add your details. Attached to this post is a Microsoft document you can edit and refill with your details.
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Malaria and Typhoid Fever, Most Trusted Permanent Solution for Recurring Diseases - ₦2500

Malaria is a disease caused by plasmodium parasite, transmitted by the bite of infected female anopheles mosquitoes. Typhoid is a bacterial (Salmonella typhi) disease spread through contaminated food, water or close contact. Our herbal formula is considered one of the best, and most sought after in the market. It is a blend of herb which not only helps to cleanse your system but ease symptoms, lessen complications, fight root cause and gradually treats and cure your Malaria and Typhoid permanently depending on the one you have.  Our sophisticated herbal nutrient includes ingredients to help support your internal health. It is Formulated and blended with powerful herbs, you can rest assured knowing you are taking a high quality tested and standard medicine.  Our Proprietary Blend is unparalleled in helping you achieve the results you need and it works with your body to bring about nature's best overall health. What makes our formula unique is that each of the ingredients have been r

Goodluck, Divine Success, Effective Blessing Prayer Perfume - ₦4000

Are you a victim of Stagnation, Badluck, Dull sales, Procrastination, Curse or things just don't always go as you expected. Then this Divine Success and Goodluck perfume is specially made for you.  This is a perfume made from natural plants and herbs that are known to bring success, and prayer which we have recited into it to bring you Success, Goodluck, Mercy and favour in all your dealings.  Also are you experiencing difficulties in your endeavors? No help from anyone, promise and fail. Then get this ultimate prayer Divine Success Oil because it opens all closed mercy and favor doors for you. Do you know that certain behaviour on your own part can make things go your way or not? For instance just as rushing to do things often leads to badluck, boasting also result in things not going in your favour. Using this divine goodluck perfume helps gives you that inner positive vibration and aura of confidence and believe to make things work for you. Do you know that just as wine and alco

Herbal Cure For Depression and Stress - ₦5000

- Are you feeling tired all the time - Having trouble getting up in the morning.  - Low mood (feeling sad or being down for no reason) - Lack of interest in hobbies & activities  - Being more easily emotional including difficulty falling asleep, oversleeping or even tearful Sleep problems  - Appetite changes: including loss of appetite or increased appetite.  - Increased irritability or anxiety - Feelings of worthlessness.  All these and many more are signs of being depressed. Our fruity herbal formula is all you need to uplift your body and boost immune system permanently.  What makes our formula unique is that each of the fruity ingredients have been researched to work synergistically together to produce an effect greater than the sum of each individual ingredient. We were able to accomplish this by researching how each herb, mineral and amino acid reacted in the body individually and then combined these ingredients into a natural mood supplement that enhanced the effect of the o

Large Framed Artwork of African Woman Pounding on Waterproof Canvas - ₦80000

This is a large framed artwork with a stunning, communicative and beautifying artwork framed in sturdy and solid art frame. It is a vibrant colored piece thoughtfully and professionally designed to meet high interior standards. It is a  great wall decorations for Parlour or living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel, restaurant, dining room, bar, event center, hotels, inn, Spa etc.  Keep your visitors engaged and continuously overwhelm with this piece of work since our minds relate easily with images and illustrations. This work is not only for those that loves Art, or collectors but for those that have a good taste for artistic works. The truth is that spending money on a great piece of home decor is similar to spending money on valuables since value continues to rise with time.  This art can also serve as a great gift item. If you have a friend, uncle, family or mentor and you wonder what gift item to give them, this great piece of art will be much appreciated everyday for a very l

Arthritis Herbal Treatment Pain Relieve for Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee & Muscles ₦4500

Arthritis also known as joint pain is an Inflammation of one or more joints, causing pain and stiffness that worsens with age. Different types of arthritis exist, each with different causes including wear and tear, infections and underlying diseases. Arthritis in layman terms is the swelling of one or more of your joints.  Our Arthritis Herbal mixture is a blend of herbs and most especially various fruits extracts that targets pain directly at the site to deliver nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medicine for relief from arthritis pain. It is most topical arthritis pain relief products heat or cool the surface of the skin, This mixture penetrates deep through your system to deliver powerful arthritis pain relief and gradually corrects body/bone deformity as you take daily. When applied to the skin it creates a cooling and moisturizing effect. In addition to relieving arthritis pain, it also improves mobility and reduces joint pain and stiffness.  It treats and penetrates deep to t

Man Power, Best Herb to Increase Man's Hardness, Size and Strength - ₦3000

This herbal turgidity formula is the ultimate and efficient male enhancement pill that is designed to BOOST your erections and give you tons of power that you need every time without any side effect! Get hard, last longer, and BOOST your drive! Recapture your strength, endurance and stamina by replacing lost or low testosterone.  The truth is that most men have lost their natural testosterone levels due to the junk and foods we consume, And before you notice, you could be suffering from low stamina, poor sexual performance, and even a loss in confidence. That's why you need our herbal supplement that helps you regain your dwindling testosterone so you can take back your manhood. It is Designed to help increase your circulation and blood flow, It acts as a natural anabolic enhancer that can burn away stubborn belly fat, restores lost energy, and even helps build strength and muscle. More importantly, it can give you back the confidence you need for better physical and mental perform

Beauty Soap, Best Soap To Help You Look Attractive - ₦3000

According to our research and general survey, we realise beauty of a human depends largely on the nose or shape of the nose which consequently marks the boundary between been beautiful or ugly.  This beauty soap helps to shape your face by making it smooth and most especially work on your nose to make it finer and gradually clears every unnecessary countour or opening thereby giving you a very fine and beautiful face that everyone you come across will admire. Do you know that using honey to bath or rubbing coconut oil can make your skin fresh and glow? This with other secrets ingredients are contained in this soap to give you - whether man or woman that attractive face you have always wanted.  This Black honey soap is made with Honey and essential ingredients that helps rejuvenates, revitalise and nourish your skin. It forms latter easily and it is the best soap that you can get that takes care of your skin with ease and comfort. It does not only beautifies your face, but it also helps

Weight Loss Herbal Cure, Reduce Stomach and Body Fat - ₦2500

Do you want to shed fat and sculpt a new body shape at the same time? Do you want a drug without gimmicks, hype, or quick fixes? Do you want something guaranteed to work, no matter your sex or how old you are or what kind of shape you’re in now? Then you have visited the right link. Our herbal cleanser has been formulated with natural and effective fruits and herbs that will make you slim down and give you that perfect shape.  It support healthy weight Loss and ultimate fat burner supplement for men and women. This herbal formula contains natural, powerful fat-burning ingredients. The synergistic formula helps burn fat, increase energy, preserve lean muscle, suppress appetite, and boost metabolism. It is a good energy booster & appetite suppressant. It helps keep food cravings in check and your diet on track with safe and effective mixture.  Notes: Eat less refined carbs or carbohydrates  Choose Better Beverages. ...  Eat More Slowly. Add Fiber and vegetables to Your Diet. Eat a Hi

Bedbug, Cockroach, All Insects Killing Powder - ₦2000

Strongly effective in killing cockroach, bedbugs, insects and their eggs This powder killing bait can kill a large amount of insects directly and make your home free from any disturbances or pests. It also can impede the eggs from hatching, which leads to their abnormal death and thus achieves a unique effect of eradication  It is sanitary and environmental friendly: no chemical residues, non-polluting, no irritant odor  Directions for use  Open the sachet and pour the powder bait where beside crevices of beds or angles of beds where bedbugs normally hide or pour at the corners of home or places where cockroaches and other insects are frequently observed or tend to hide.  It can be poured in dark places, cupboards, drawers, around inlets of sewer, refrigerators, under sinks, near kitchen ranges, under plates rack, wardrobes or hallways.  Each bag is better used for 3 to 5 spots and in order to ensure the effectiveness, once opened, it should be used up at one time.  It is suggested to
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