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1. 86FB is not GAMBLING BUT A TRADING INVESTMENT FOOTBALL APP. The mode is using ANTI - CORRECT SCORE FOOTBALL TRADING. In lay man terms, since it is much easier to guess wrong than guess right, the company releases a football score that they know won't happen in the match. Members are expected to trade on this score and get their 1% profit. Then such games are released three times a day to get 3% profit. 

2. Your entire CAPITAL is guaranteed by IFC GLOBAL. In any case of loss of game, your capital shall be 100% REFUNDED if you trade on the company game. 

3. IFC (International Finance Corporation) established in 1956 is a large international financial investment company owned by 185 member countries. Professional fields involve finance, agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, Sport etc.

4. NEVER be greedy to stake games by yourself. PRIVATE STAKING IS HIGHLY PROHIBITED. In any case of loss of game as a result of not following company's plan, THERE SHALL NOT BE ANY CAPITAL REFUNDED TO YOU. In rare case of any loss as a result of 86FB, the IFC capital preservation plan is initiated and it protects everyone's funds from loss by automatically re-crediting your trade amount but without profit for that game. 

5. Minimum Deposit to stake any game is N3,500 & maximum 10,000,000.

6. You make 3% daily if you stake the three games by the IFC Team. 

7. Ensure that you set your alarm for 11am, 4.30pm and 9pm daily as this is the only TASK you have to get your 3% daily. 

8. There is a huge benefit for promoting the business and referring people. This is OPTIONAL though. But we are encouraged to refer people so that they too can gain financial independence and we can get compensated for it.

9. You can either deposit in Naira or USDT. You can also withdraw in USDT OR NAIRA too.

10. Withdrawals rate is very fast as it takes less than 10mins for your Naira to reflect in your account. While USDT is just about 20-30mins. 

11. You have 100% access to your capital any time any day. You can withdraw your funds anytime except you have staked with the funds.

12. Note that there is a 5% rate on all your withdrawals. And you can withdraw only 3 times a day. Minimum withdrawal is 3500, and maximum is 10,000,000. 

13. Compound Interest is highly encouraged as you make up to 100% a month of your capital if you trade with all your money daily. 

14. 86FB and IFC GLOBAL have offices in Nigeria. They are not faceless. The office of 86FB in Nigeria is at REGUS: Mulliner Towers, 39 Alfred Rewane Rd, Ikoyi 101233, Lagos. 
The office of IFC GLOBAL is: No 2 adegbeyemi street off Allen avenue Ikeja Lagos.

15. There is Telegram Group you are expected to join where you get trainings daily and updates from super agents apart from your team lead whatsapp groups. 

16. FROM ₦3500 to ₦169,689,536 in just 12 MONTHS. That's exactly what you're gonna make if you join 86FB and keep investing your capital (3500) at 3% daily compound interest, you'll earn in
🏂January ₦8,750
🏂February ₦20,020
🏂March ₦50,052
🏂April ₦121,488
🏂May ₦303,731
🏂June ₦737,235
🏂July ₦1,843,146
🏂August ₦4,608,012
🏂September ₦11,184,856
🏂October ₦27,963,038
🏂November ₦67,873,633
🏂December ₦169,689,536
You can withdraw your money anyday, anytime you like. Also, Starting with 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k or more even turns to a higher yield within few months. 

• First you Register with the link of whoever introduced you to 86FB. (always remember your username & password) 
• Next you login, look below your dashboard or menu to see your personal center, from there click "MY" then CLICK ON DEPOSIT. 
• Once you deposit start trading the matches selected by the company which your team leader updated in the group. 

• First set your Withdraw Password.
• Second, you bind your Bank account.
• Then click Withdraw and enter the amount to withdraw. 5% charges applies. 

19. Since someone tells you about this 86FB opportunity, you are encouraged to tell others too since every business grows when customers increases. Though its not compulsory you refer people. Level 1 agents are members you invited and register using your referral link. Level 2 agents are members who register using the links of your level 1 agents. Level 3 agents are members who register using the link of your level 2 agents. 

 • Agent(You) invites 5 ✳️active level 1 ⬇️downlines and claim 🎁NGN7,000
• 👨‍💼Agent(You) invites 20✳️active level 1 ⬇️downlines and claim 🎁NGN33,000
• 👨‍💼Agent(You) invites 50 ✳️active level 1 ⬇️downlines and claim 🎁NGN80,000
• 👨‍💼Agent(You) invites 100 and above ✳️active level 1 ⬇️downlines and claim NGN200,000
• Keynotes:
✳️active: means they have deposited minimum of 3500 and are trading with it. 

Now, As the 👨‍💼Agent you get 
• 10% rebate [commission] of every trade profit your Level 1⃣ downlines make. 
• You get 5% rebate of every trade profit your level 2⃣ downlines make. 
• You get 3% rebate of every trade profit your level 3⃣ downline makes. 
In other words, Rebate (commission) means what ever profit your downlines get from their 3% daily gain, you have a percentage of it credited to your account the next day. 

• (FIRST RUSH) For your first deposit into your account, you get a certain reward:
Minimum Deposit 3500 you get 350 reward
13,000 get 800
60,000 get 3,000
300,000 get 10,000
600,000 and above get 25,000 added to your account. 
• (REFERRAL BONUS) Also if you have started referring people, as your downlines (Level 1) gets a bonus when they make their FIRST recharge, you also earn a certain amount on their first recharge:
Your Downline deposits N3,500 you get N150🎁
15,000 you get 500
30,000 you get 1,000
60000 you get 2,200
200000 you get 7,000
500,000 you get 20,000
1,000,000 and above you get 45,000
• (SECOND RUSH) The last on deposit bonus is when you deposit for the second time:
Deposit 65,000 get 3200
Deposit 150,000 get 8800
Deposit 300,000 get 22,000
800,000 get 78,000
2,000,000 get 180,000
10,000,000 get 960,000

Yes! in 86FB you also get to earn a monthly salary. 
This is in two categories
• If your team has a total of 50 active downlines (comprising of Level 1,2&3) you will be paid 20,000 Salary Monthly.
• If your team has a total of 200 active downlines (comprising of Level 1,2&3) you will be paid 150,000 Salary.
• If your team has a total of 500 active downlines (comprising of Level 1,2&3)
you will be paid 350,000 Salary Monthly. 
• If your team has a total of 1000 and above active downlines (comprising of Level 1,2&3) you will be paid NGN1,050,000 Salary Monthly.

• If your team has a total of 50 active downlines (comprising of Level 1,2&3) and out of that atleast 15 active level 1 downlines you get 60,000 monthly. 
• If your team has a total of 200 active downlines (comprising of Level 1,2&3) and out of that atleast 60 active level 1 downlines you get 220,000 monthly. 
• If your team has a total of 500 active downlines(comprising of Level 1,2&3) and out of that atleast 150 active level 1 downlines you get 800,000 monthly. 
• If your team has a total of 1000 active downlines and above (comprising of Level 1,2&3) and out of that atleast 300 active level 1 downlines you get NGN1,500,000 monthly

Note: Salaries are paid out 15th of every month. 

24. On 86FB, there are a team of over 100 analysts behind it. The most accurate profitable plan is analyzed from the big data. Participate in the team's capital preservation plan to get your 3% profit daily. 

25. You just need to work hard to get this rewards, if you work hard within two weeks of registration, you can get 40,000 of promotion reward and also qualify for next month salary of 60,000. All these not included in your steady daily 3% profit and rebate you get from your team. Bulk of the money is here if you want to make more profit on capital. 

26. On 86Fb there is 24/7 online customer service to assist with any issue you have. You can also consult your upline (person that invited you) for any assistance. If he or she doesn't know, he/she can also consult their upline. 

27. Note that all personal information provided by members is transmitted through a 128-bit SSL encrypted secure port. So your data are safe with us. 

28. Your 86FB account is totally and completely under your control and there is no bound or restriction to how you operate it.

29. Each member is only allowed to have one account has having more than one can lead to termination of the accounts when detected. Visit the "About us" page to learn more about the rules & regulations. 

To register click the link below and message on whatsapp (08030939040) 

86FB has come to stay and


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