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Yes! in 86FB you also get to earn a monthly salary.  Level 1 agents are members you invited and register using your referral link. Level 2 are members who register using level 1 agents' link. Level 3 use link of your level 2.  • If your team has a total of 50 active downlines (comprising of Level 1,2&3) you will be paid 20,000 Salary Monthly. • 200 downlines - 150k  • 500 downlines - 350k  • 1000 downlines - 1050000  Note: Salaries are paid out 15th of every month.  2. ️86FB AGENT REBATE Now, As the 👨‍💼Agent you get  • 10% rebate [commission] of every trade profit your Level 1 downlines make.  • 5% on your level 2 • 3% on level 3 3. 86FB REFERRAL EARNING * Agent(You) invites 5 active level 1 downlines claim 7k * 20 - 33k * 50 - 80k * 100 - 200k


1. 86FB is not GAMBLING BUT A TRADING INVESTMENT FOOTBALL APP. The mode is using ANTI - CORRECT SCORE FOOTBALL TRADING. In lay man terms, since it is much easier to guess wrong than guess right, the company releases a football score that they know won't happen in the match. Members are expected to trade on this score and get their 1% profit. Then such games are released three times a day to get 3% profit.  2. Your entire CAPITAL is guaranteed by IFC GLOBAL. In any case of loss of game, your capital shall be 100% REFUNDED if you trade on the company game.  3. IFC (International Finance Corporation) established in 1956 is a large international financial investment company owned by 185 member countries. Professional fields involve finance, agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, Sport etc. 4. NEVER be greedy to stake games by yourself. PRIVATE STAKING IS HIGHLY PROHIBITED. In any case of loss of game as a result of not following company's plan, THERE SHALL NOT BE ANY CAPITAL
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