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Face Towel, Handkerchief, Face Wash Cloth - ₦1000

Face towel is a towel that is smaller than a bath towel, is often of smooth-surfaced material (as linen), and is used especially for drying the face.
Handkerchief on the other hand is a thin fabric which is intended for personal hygiene purposes such as wiping one's hands or face, or blowing one's nose same as face towel only that it is thinner.

Face towels/Handkerchiefs are made to give your face the best care possible—dry your face and rid it of excess water, natural oils, and remnants of cosmetics and face products. 

This luxurious super soft Cotton Face towels/handkerchief are made from 100% cotton. Highly absorbent, durable and have a lovely supersoft feel to them. 
Colour: White, Multicolour Face Towel Combo- Pack of 12 Super absorbent fabric

Contact: +2348030939040 


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