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Aloe Vera Herbal Cream, Best Treatment for Facial and Skin Issues

Aloe vera is a succulent green plant that originates from the Arabian Peninsula. 
It is a common household plant known for its skin healing properties. Directly using aloe vera on the face can help moisturize skin and treat various skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and sunburn.
The plant is also known for its ability to reduce inflammation and irritation, fight bacteria, and deeply moisturize parched skin.

What Makes Our Aloe Vera Cream Special?

Since you know Aloe Vera has one of nature’s greatest healing gifts, but it comes at a cost! Slippery and hard to use!. So we process it into cream that can be easily applied and use on our skin. 

Which many of our users agree they  finally have the Aloe Vera experience they were looking for.

We Made this Aloe vera cream Feel Amazing! It is as If We Squeezed The Fresh Juice Of An Entire Aloe Plant Into a container – Minus The Lumps!

Because of our unique cold pressed formula, and 100% natural thickener it's easy to apply and not sticky or watery.

Highest Quality - to ensure freshness and effectiveness. 

Harvested For Us - from real freshly cut aloe leaves, not powder - making it one of the purest and strongest on the market. 

Feel the Difference in Skin Treatment with our Aloe vera cream as it is 100% natural thickener and absorbs rapidly with no sticky residue - leaving your skin smooth and silky

Discover Nature's Miracle Plant - Soothe your sunburn, treat your cuts, clear up your rashes, take the sting out of bites and more!

Repair and Smooth your Skin Daily - Our herbal Pure Aloe Vera cream is a clear and excellent daily treatment for face, skin & body. Regular use smoothes the skin leaving it soft and supple with a healthy glow. 

Instant spot and pimple removal
Treats ringworm and rashes, Stretch marks and toilet infections. 
Removes and clears bumps, blackspot and eczema
Clears boils and generally smoothens the skin. 
Relieve itchy bug bites
Exfoliate your skin
Fights acne
Moisturize and hydrates your skin
Heal, soften and repair dry, cracked feet and skin
Removes wrinkles and blemishes due to its anti - aging properties. 
Relieve burns, and good for after sun care
Soothe blisters, and treat athletes foot
Great as a natural aftershave
No side effects
Approved and Most Trusted

Contact Seller via Call or WhatsApp on 08030939040 to order. 

₦2000 for 2 Pieces


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