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Goodluck, Divine Success, Effective Blessing Prayer Perfume - ₦4000

Are you a victim of Stagnation, Badluck, Dull sales, Procrastination, Curse or things just don't always go as you expected. Then this Divine Success and Goodluck perfume is specially made for you.  This is a perfume made from natural plants and herbs that are known to bring success, and prayer which we have recited into it to bring you Success, Goodluck, Mercy and favour in all your dealings.  Also are you experiencing difficulties in your endeavors? No help from anyone, promise and fail. Then get this ultimate prayer Divine Success Oil because it opens all closed mercy and favor doors for you. Do you know that certain behaviour on your own part can make things go your way or not? For instance just as rushing to do things often leads to badluck, boasting also result in things not going in your favour. Using this divine goodluck perfume helps gives you that inner positive vibration and aura of confidence and believe to make things work for you. Do you know that just as wine and alco

Herbal Cure For Depression and Stress - ₦5000

- Are you feeling tired all the time - Having trouble getting up in the morning.  - Low mood (feeling sad or being down for no reason) - Lack of interest in hobbies & activities  - Being more easily emotional including difficulty falling asleep, oversleeping or even tearful Sleep problems  - Appetite changes: including loss of appetite or increased appetite.  - Increased irritability or anxiety - Feelings of worthlessness.  All these and many more are signs of being depressed. Our fruity herbal formula is all you need to uplift your body and boost immune system permanently.  What makes our formula unique is that each of the fruity ingredients have been researched to work synergistically together to produce an effect greater than the sum of each individual ingredient. We were able to accomplish this by researching how each herb, mineral and amino acid reacted in the body individually and then combined these ingredients into a natural mood supplement that enhanced the effect of the o
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