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Love and Attraction Perfume Oil, Make People of opposite sex like you - ₦5000

Have you been a victim of no love most parts of your life? Or are you just unlucky when it involves having the opposite sex as friend and lover? 
Then our special love and attraction perfume oil is specially made for you. 

The oil has two sides one is the spiritual side which involves prayer said into it by recitation and the other is the science aspect which is the secret aspect of wisdom science put into it. 

This perfume oil simply stimulates the hormonal reactions in the body through a mixture of strong natural  substances that make it permeable and very diffusible and fast working. 

The oil work is clear, direct and gradually effective. it will be felt by the way others deal, look and talk with you. We used to make this oil exclusively for few people by special request only people like wealthy businessmen, celebrities, politicians etc. 
The work of this oil is generally to attract the other sex whether he is a man or a woman it will only attract the opposite sex so if it was worn by a woman she will have more attraction from men and the opposite is true. 

It also works well for general attraction in a public gathering to bring more, acceptance, respect, prestige and admiration. This oil is made entirely with secret wisdom of science and knowledge of the power of nature and its herb.

 it is very limited, and hard to make it’s not ready, imported, or factory packed this is made fully by hand no artificial or chemical compositions are added this is 100% natural concentrated perfume oil.

How to use this oil:
Simply apply it to the skin or the clothing you are wearing just like you would do with any other perfume or oil. You can also apply your normal or regular perfume on it. But make sure it is moderate. 

* Those who find it hard to relate or attract the opposite sex are those who let their emotion control their sense. As from now on make sure when ever you are with someone you like let your brain be free from any form of emotion (like fear, anxiety, shyness, lack of confidence etc) and allow your brain think straight. Though you will need the love emotion sometimes but even this must be done with sense. 

We wish you all the best and goodluck

- Our perfume works on you and boosting your confidence and traits that makes you likeable and attractive and not the other person, that's why it doesn't have any side effect.

- It attracts a new lover or make your existing lover desire you like never before!

- With this perfume you will be irresistible!

- This blend will also attract someone you love plus boosting the relationship to something great. 

Contact Seller via Call or WhatsApp on 08030939040 to order. 


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