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Large Framed Artwork of African Woman Pounding on Waterproof Canvas - ₦80000

This is a large framed artwork with a stunning, communicative and beautifying artwork framed in sturdy and solid art frame. It is a vibrant colored piece thoughtfully and professionally designed to meet high interior standards. It is a great wall decorations for Parlour or living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel, restaurant, dining room, bar, event center, hotels, inn, Spa etc. 

Keep your visitors engaged and continuously overwhelm with this piece of work since our minds relate easily with images and illustrations.

This work is not only for those that loves Art, or collectors but for those that have a good taste for artistic works. The truth is that spending money on a great piece of home decor is similar to spending money on valuables since value continues to rise with time. 

This art can also serve as a great gift item. If you have a friend, uncle, family or mentor and you wonder what gift item to give them, this great piece of art will be much appreciated everyday for a very long time.

Type: Canvas Printings
Medium: Waterproof Ink
Frame mode: Gold coated Framed 
Style: Abstract and Modern
Support Base: Wooden
Techniques: Paint printed at 3D hi-resolution on quality thick artist premium canvas 
Shape: Large Portrait 

SIZE:  100cm by 70cm (40 inches by 30inches)
DESIGN : Multicolor design of An Abstract African Woman Pounding Comprising of several small sections making up one large when placed together

Note: It is limited edition art with only four (4) models available. So please be sure you want this work of Art before placing order.

Contact Seller via Call or WhatsApp on 08030939040 to order. 


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