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Winning a girl's heart requires a lot of effort especially if the lady is playing hard to get. You need to step up your game as a man and do everything possible to get her. Here are 5 Simple things you can do to win a girl's heart.
1. Be A Gentleman:

You need to be a gentleman for you to win any girl's heart, every girl likes to be treated like an egg, queen or baby. You need to know how to pamper a lady because by doing so, there's possibilty that you can win her heart.

2. Be Protective:

As a man that you are, you need to be acting like a body guard for the lady you want, you need to be very protective from anything that can harm her.

3. Be Kind And Caring:

You need to proof to her that you care about her, whenever she needs help you need to be there for her. Asides the monetary aspect, there are other things you can do to express your kindness.

4. Be Funny:

When you are funny, you have automatically gained an access to her heart. Girls want guys that can make them laugh, whenever they are bored they can run up to you because you're lively.

5. Buy Her Gifts:

You need to know how to buy things for the girl you want, by doing this you can win her heart.


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