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Hire a Private Investigator in Nigeria - #5000

Are you a Human Resource (HR), Professional, Lawyer /Attorney, Caregiver, Business Owners, Landlord (Property Owner), Employer, Employee, Tenant or Mr. Nobody and 

- Are you been accused wrongly? 
- Are you finding a missing person?
- Do you need to check on your children or someone in schools/universities or any state in Nigeria? 
- Do you need to investigate a particular crime? 
- Do you want to find out the identity and validity of an opportunity, Scheme, business, occupation, character etcetera of a person or someone? 
- Find location of lost or stolen property
- Do you wish to Investigate the cause of fire, loss, accident, damage or injury? 
- Prevent trivial matters from escalating and growing beyond proportion.
Then you need the service of a Private Investigator (PI), in other words you need our services as we are the leading PI in Nigeria 

A private investigator (sometimes called a private eye, private detective, inquiry agent) is a person who can be hired by individuals or groups to undertake special investigatory services. 


We have experience across a wide and diverse spectrum of cases and, as such, we approach each with the appropriate means, tools and skills to ensure a successful investigation.

We can reveal things as long as they are under the confines of laws of the land and are legal;

Here’s a comprehensive list of things that we can do for you:

- Provide photographic evidence. 
- Find out where someone actually lives and his family.
- Help to keep a very sensitive information or help profer idea on how to keep important items.
- Confirm the genuinity of a land or building before payment or renting 
- Verify goods or services before payment most especially when you are far away from buyer. 
- Clean up mess. 
- Determine the validity of a business or Ponzi Scheme before investing so as not to be a victim of fraud. 
- Scour the web to search for an information, file, image, music, video, book and so on. 
- Conduct secrets operations as long as it is legal. 
- Perform mobile or stationary surveillance
- Uncover the truth about a particular matter
- Review documents for potential fraud
- Perform background research and find out attitude and true character of a person
- Make obscure things clearer
Interview, monitor and keep an eye on employees
- Help find the best tactical or strategic move in dilemma or certain situations 
- Connect the dots, analyse and determine connections
- Expose improper relationships
- Reveal a date of birth
- Find out someone’s real name
- Find an existing address
- Uncover previous addresses
- Find affairs/marriage status of a person. 
- Investigate current and / or historical property holdings
- Determine current market value of real estate and property
- Find criminal records
- Provide professional, independent analysis on data, records and more
- Review and analyse criminal records
- Identify the owner of a phone number
- Determine the owner(s) of a given corporation
- Recover and analyse corporate records
- Research and uncover family history
- Provide business idea, intelligence or brainstorming
- Find runaway employees
- Find, Discover or investigate a will, inheritance or property 
- Review professional licenses
- Analyse witness or industry sources
- Gather industry intelligence
- Determine Risks and help to limit it
- Research and investigate foreign corporations or persons. 
- Discover online networking profiles
- Find a missing person
- Determine and review education history and background 
- Determine and review previous employment history
- Investigate presence on social media

So, if you need a professional Private Investigator to help you with any of the above, or something a little different, then give us a call or Whatsapp.

As a private investigator, we search for clues to gather evidence for court cases or private clients. We interview people, verify information, conduct surveillance, find missing persons, and gather vital facts for cases. You can hire us as your PI, and it is absolutely within your legal rights to engage a professional to help you uncover the truth. All investigations require a good logical and analytical mind, Determination and Perseverance. As a good Private Investigator firm, we do not give up easily, we are confident and outgoing, we speak to people / witnesses to gain information if need be. 

We follow the 3 I's which are the basic tools of investigation in criminal realm namely Information, Interrogation and Interview. The 3 I's comprises of details and data which access knowledge to investigation regarding the perpetrator. 

Our Qualities:
- We are calm, friendly, and observant
- We are able to react well to situations that make others panic.
- Another addition is our good  decision making and deduction skills.
- Ability to listen carefully
- We are skilled multitasker, we read in between the lines and listen to what is being said as well as what isn't being said during the interview
- We craft follow-up questions based on what someone said and doesn't say or implied in an interview. 
- We maintain a high level of Professionalism. We are discreet and our integrity, Persistence,
Problem Solving skill, Reliability is top notch. 
- We are Analyst and Problem Solver 
- We are empathetic and Compassionate
- Patience, self-Motivated, Honest and Dependable as always been our core value 
- We apply Common Sense when it is obvious. they sayCommon sense is not common. Knowing when to brainstorm and when not to think too much - but apply common sense is a gift only a few possess. 
Here is just a list of qualities we possess as a leading professional investigator in Nigeria:

The truth is that allegations have no significance if they are not supported by evidence. 
Hiring a Private Investigator can be daunting at times however we make the whole process easy and discreet.  professionalism and discretion are paramount during the investigation process and we are team of highly experienced Investigators who have been doing these for more than Twelve (12) years. We understand the requirements of our clients and the last thing they need is the investigation being compromised and having to offer an explanation.
We have investigators in cities and all around the country. 
And lastly our rate is the most affordable in the market. 

Finally, we are aware that one may have reservations about contacting us, However be rest assured that all our services are tailored to your exact needs and every case is dealt with complete confidentiality.

By hiring us, you our clients can have peace of mind that they are in safe hands. Please call or whatsapp us to make an appointment to discuss your situation.

+234802 702 4393


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