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Goodluck, Favour, Mercy Bath Soap Effective Prayer Success Soap - ₦4000

Are you experiencing difficulties in your endeavors? No help from anyone, promise and fail. Has someone cursed you or you are always a victim of bad circumstances? Then get this ultimate prayer salt soap. You will give glory to God if you use it, because it opens all closed mercy and favor doors for you.

Those that have used this can testify to its goodness. This is a very effective mercy, favour and goodluck soap that will stop misfortune in your life and make things work in your favour. Do you know that certain behaviour on your own part can make things go your way or the other way? For example rushing to do things often leads to badluck, boasting before success likewise leads to result not going in your favour. Using this prayer salt soap helps gives you that aura of confidence and believe to make things work for you. Do you know that just as wine or alcohol meddles with human brain, so do some certain herb helps human gain favour, calmness and with prayer leads to your all round success result in any endeavour you are pursuing or wish to pursue be it business, finding and keeping love and so on. 

The truth is that God gave herbs & roots for the benefit of mankind"
(our soap is not not juju or jazz but made from natural herbs substance that are likened to favour and the prayer of God) 

Do you even know that certain insects like spider and bee are bringers of goodluck and those who kept them as pet can testify? 

All these knowledge with our secret specialities and of course God's prayer are the ingredients we use to make this bath soap. 

These bars of soap have been used for years to promote your inner vibrations to help you overcome and strengthen your condition, Use this Luck Soap to increase your luck in all things. Be lucky in all matters. 

Pour the salt soap into warm bath water and stir the water to help dissolve all the grains.
Soak for at least 10 minutes. Then use it to bathe. 

Contact Seller via Call or WhatsApp on 08030939040 to order. 


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