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Do These 6 Sweet Things If You Want Any Girl To Love You Like Crazy

1. If you want her to love you, then make her to always talk while you listen.
Some men are natural talkative, and that is why they usually fail in the journey of finding true love. Women need listening ears. They need a man who will listen to them all the time, because women always do have something to say.

According to a popular research in Harvard University in the United States of America, a woman is two times more than likely to fall in love with the man who listens to her while she talks, than the man who she listens to. This is true in all ramification. All you have to do is make her talk more while you listen, and she will love you like crazy.

2. Make sure you look straight into are eyes with confidence when you both are discussing.
This one is common. Sharp guys have been using this format to get the girls they want. Unfortunately, you will always need a lot of confidence to make this happen. It is not easy to look straight into the eyes of the opposite gender. It takes guts, but it is worth it in the long run.

Make sure you look directly into her eyes. Avoid looking elsewhere, because it will make you look weak, or creepy to her. As a man, your eyes are not there for sight alone, they are also designed to make girls go crazy, especially if you use them very well.

3. If you want any girl to love you, then show her care.

Care is one of the major things women crave for. As a man, you should be using it to advantage. Showing her care is very cheap. You do not even need to spend a dime when it comes to showing care to the woman you love. To women, care is very sweet, and more valuable than money.

4. Touch her hair at least once in a while, it works like magic.

So many men do not know this. Nothing turns a woman on more than a man playing with her hair. Have you ever noticed that a woman can stop you from touching her face, but will never stop you from touching her hair? Just try it for yourself and see.

Women want you to touch their hair, and if you can do this to them, they will love you like crazy.

5. If you want her to love you, allow her to win the argument even if she is wrong.

A woman may likely develop feelings for you when you let her win in an argument. It does not matter if she is wrong or right, just let her win. Women find these kinds of men attractive. They believe that for you to let her win the argument, that means you care about their opinions.

6. Tease her.

Men of these days no longer tease women. They believe compliment is the key to women's attraction. Teasing is the best, especially when you want her to love you like crazy.

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