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7 Sure Ways To Approach A Girl On The Road Without Getting Rejection

Approaching a girl can be very difficult for some guys; because they are scared of the embarrassment they could get from any possible rejection, especially on the road or any crowded place. Because of this, most guys tend to wait for a more private moment before shooting their shots.

Some guys have missed the opportunity of having a good woman to their selves because they lacked the courage to approach a girl on the road due to fear of rejection. It is because of situations like this I have decided to write this article to teach guys how to approach a girl on the road without getting any rejection.

The truth is that the manner in which you present yourself matters a lot when approaching a strange girl. You have to bear in mind that the girl you are about to approach, sees you as a potential threat to her life. So you must do everything possible to appear friendly and make her feel relaxed and rest assured that you have not come to hurt her. With that been said, i bring you seven sure ways to approach a girl without getting rejections.

Below, Are 7 Ways You Can Approach A Girl Without Getting Rejection.
1, You have to put up a very bright face when approaching a strange girl. Relax your muscles and smile when talking to her. With this, she will be rest assured that you have not come to harm her. Women are more vulnerable than men, so they are always mindful of whom comes their way. They don't want to fall prey to any predator.

2, Make sure you use the word please when approaching a girl for the first time. Women love be respected too. Approaching a girl with arrogance is a no no for them. There are some guys who believes that women should be answerable to them. They always want to bully women into submission. There is no way a reasonable lady will agree to listen and date you if you have such attitude.

3, Don't whistle her on the road. Majority of women hates it when a guy whistle them on the road. It is a very embarrassing thing to do. It's only animals that should be whistled not human beings. Whistling a lady on the road will make her ignore and reject you. Walk up to her instead and talk to her like every other well brought up guys would do.

4, Avoid looking at her body. There are some guys who are fond of accessing a woman's body with their eyes when having a conversation with her. This is a turn-off for most women out there. Stealing glances from a woman's body when having a conversation will only project you as someone who just want to use and dump her afterwards. No good woman is ready for that game.

5, Don't call her sexy. It's highly disrespectful to call a woman you never knew from Adam sexy. Calling a strange girl sexy also shows that you have sexualized her body, which is also very disrespectful. Instead of calling her sexy, you can simply say that she looks great. That would make her feel respected and honored, and this will make her want to listen to what you have to say.

6, Don't get too close when talking to her. Like i have said before, women are very vulnerable to any form of attack, so they are very security cautious. Going too close to a girl for the very time might freak her out and scare her away. For her to be reassured that you have not come to hurt her or harass her, you must respect her personal space by keeping some distance.

7, Avoid asking her multiple questions on first approach. Asking a strange girl too many questions will only make you appear creepy. It will also seem as if someone sent you to get her information. Not all women will find it comfortable to give their details to a total stranger. Multiple questions on a first approach could turn her off and make her walk away from you. The advisable thing to do is to get her contact and leave question and answer section for another day.

I hope this article helps you in your chase to finding your future wife? Put this knowledge to work and you can thank me later. You may also want to share this article for your friends to read too. One love.


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