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When Anyone Takes Poison At Home, Don't Give Him Palm Oil, Do This To Save His Life

When Anyone Takes Poison At Home, Don't Give Him Palm Oil, Do This To Save His Life.

If a person is poisoned by bleach, fuel, acid, drugs, fumes, etc, the first aid treatment you give can prevent death!

What to do depends on the type of poison & whether it's on the skin, eyes, inhaled, or swallowed.

What to do:

1. If the poison is on the #skin or clothes;

- quickly & carefully remove the victim's clothes

- pour large amounts of #water over the skin for 15 minutes

- wash skin thoroughly many times with soap & water

- move to the nearest hospital!

2. If the poison is in the #eyes;

- remove any contact lenses

- pour CLEAN WATER in the eyes for 15 minutes (DON'T USE SOAP!)

- encourage blinking

- move to the hospital instantly

Every second here matter & a slight delay could lead to permanent loss of sight!

3. For #swallowed poisons;

-follow instructions for the poisoning on the container.

-give some #water or #milk instantly (IF the swallowed poison is burning, irritating or caustic, & the person is awake, not convulsing & can swallow!).

- then move to the hospital

4. For #inhaled or sniffed poisons;

- instantly move the victim to a place with fresh air devoid of toxic fumes.

- if they vomit, turn their head to the side to avoid choking.

- if no signs of life (not moving, breathing, or coughing) start CPR!

- to hospital.

Please remember after attempting the first aid measures for about 15 minutes, you must rush the person immediately to a health center.

If possible, bring some of the #poison or #medicine & it's a container with you. 

And try to keep the victim from crying. 


Don't stick a finger or spoon in their mouth to make them "vomit out the poison"!

If you try that, you'll cause further harm that can make the poison enter their airway & cause serious injury that kills faster!

Many #children, in particular, die of household poisons before reaching the hospital due to inappropriate first aid measures.

What we've shared today applies for both children & #adults of all ages.

From my experience, people frequently get poisoned by;

-Pain relieve drugs

-Smoke & generator fumes

-Pesticides & insecticides

-Cosmetic products

-Bleach & caustic soda, &

-Household fuels like kerosene, petrol & diesel

Poisons are hiding everywhere! In your bathroom, sitting room, kitchen, garage, backyard even office. Kids are particularly vulnerable.

This thread aims to make you capable of giving first aid treatment to a poison victim before medical help arrives.

Every person, parent, or caregiver must beware of the risks of accidental poisoning as their child grows up. Even as adults, we don't know when accidents happen.

A stitch in time saves nine. 


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