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Early morning schedules often start with washing for most people. However, the manner in which we wash is never the same. We probably won't have noticed, but there is a tendency in all of us to begin the washing with a specific body part. Subliminally, the choice is made by our body and it tells a lot about our personality. 

I have put together observations on the body parts we wash first while bathing and related them to the function of our minds.

1. If you wash your face first 

If you wash your face first, you are fundamentally keeping an eye on all the 5 senses — smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing. It implies you are exceptionally worried about how you are seen, and along these lines need to take the most extreme consideration of what is noticed first by others — the face. 

You are consistently anxious about what others think of you and at times, get frustrated or stressed and may feel humiliated as well. It is hard for these individuals to hear bad things about themselves. 

2. If you wash your arms or legs first 

If you are among the individuals who focus on their feet first, you can consider yourself an unassuming and rational individual. In any case, there is another side to this. Arms or legs are likewise the images of solidarity and self discipline. Along these lines, washing them first shows that you have no dread of expressing your decisions. You either hate something or love it. 

If you will in general wash your armpits first, you are most likely popular in your social circles as a solid and trustworthy individual. You are additionally the person who isn't afraid of hard work. 

3. If you wash your privates first 

If you wash your private parts first, you are most likely a shy individual. You can consider yourself an introvert, or the one with low confidence. You are not given a lot of attention in social gatherings, however, the individuals who know you closely will say you're the most genuine person on earth. You battle hard standing firm and may surrender frequently, but you can cause those close to you to feel comfortable in your organization. 

4. If you wash your chest first 

If you have noticed yourself cleaning your chest first while washing, you are in all probabilities certain and comfortable in your own skin. You are practical and straightforward. You are very decided and confusion hardly affects you. You like being independent and individuals admire you for this. 

5. If you wash your hair first 

If your head or hair is the piece of your body you wash first in the shower, you are an individual who likes discipline and order. The highest piece of your body generally signifies quality and washing it first demonstrates that you have a firm opinion about everything and you have confidence in being practical. You additionally oversee time well overall and are known for your punctuality. You frequently put brains above wealth while picking your friends. 

6. If you wash your shoulders and neck first 

The most hardworking individuals regularly wash their neck and shoulder zone first. Shoulders mean weight and you generally need to dispose of the weight of achieving everything with flawlessness. You are a positive individual and a hard worker and furthermore expect the equivalent from others. You are exceptionally serious and need to be a step ahead of every other person. 

7. If you wash your back first 

Your back reflects your consciousness. The back includes your spine and your sensory system that assumes a major job in the working of your brain. Washing your back first says a lot regarding your reserved nature. You are in every case extremely cautious and don't trust individuals without any problem. 

You have a habit of diving into things profoundly and settling on decisions cautiously. Being alone isn't a mood killer for individuals like you, but a chance to enjoy that personal time. 

Disclaimer: Please note that this test is for fun purposes only, and it can’t be considered a professional opinion.

Which body part do you wash first? Could you relate to the test results described above? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.


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