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Good day guys. Today I'll be walking you through some rather bizarre laws set up by some countries. Imagine what you normally do in your country on a daily basis is being regarded as a crime in another country? And would even require you to pay a fine. Honestly, It's kind of weird but it's true. So read on guys:

1) Do you know that in Samoa, it's a crime to forget your wife's birthday?

2) In Canada, all radio stations are mandated to play more of Canadian artist's songs. To be precise, for about 35 per cent of the time.

3) In Germany, there is the famous Autobahn highway. It is considered illegal to run out of gas when driving along this highway.

4) Still on Germany, did you know that Germany banned lace underwear's since 2008?

5) Moving to Italy, in Venice. You can be fined up to seven hundred euros (700€) for feeding the pigeons in that area .

6) Acropolis is a site of an ancient building in Greece. Do you know that the government has banned visiting the site on high heels?

7) I'm sure we all know the amazing cartoon figure, winnie the pooh from growing up. But unfortunately, the government of Poland has banned this character in schools because he wasn't wearing pants. They said it was risque.

8) This one is for the Barca fans. Do you know that it is illegal to walk around shirtless in Barcelona? Crazy right?!

9) For the beach lovers. We all love the waves and tides, sending streams of water, washing the shores of the beach and depositing sand. Interesting isn't it?, but apart from that who doesn't love to build with the sand in the beach. Of course everyone loves that. But sadly, In Spain, you can face a fine of 100€ to 1,500€ if you're caught building a sandcastle on the beach. Anything but the sandcastle.

10) In western Australia, you are not allowed to have more than 110 pounds of potato at once.

11) Lastly, In the city of Sarpourenx, France. It is illegal to die within the city without having secured a burial ground for yourself. Can you believe that?

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