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These days cultism is gradually becoming a normal thing in the society. And sometimes its is difficult to tell if someone is a cultist or not. And most cultist will trade off their bad character and act like a very normal person.

Well with the slangs below, you'll be able to tell if your son, daughter, friend or the people around you are cultist and if your life is in danger. The first slang on the list is:

1. Jew or 48
This means that someone is not a member of any confraternity. This is use to describe someone that's not a cultist. Example: My roommate is a Jew Or my roommate na 48.

2. In Jew
This means that a person or someone is a member of another confraternity.

3. Bella
Bella can mean many things to the ladies but most especially in campus, when they say a girl is a Bella it means she's a female member of a specific cult. (Name of cult withheld for personal reasons)

4. Sticker
You should be very attentive because most cultist use words that you'll think doesn't have any serious things attached. Sticker means Cutlass. Example: Are you with that your sticker?

5. Ice Land
Ice land means a zone or place where a non cultist member can't enter. If you do you might be beaten or forced to join them. Example; Omo this Jew dey sail for Iceland (means this cultist is walking around the Iceland)

6. Drive
This means to collect someone belongings. So if you're around some group of people speaking slangs and you're hearing drive and some words listed here. Please calculate your exist mode 😫🙏

7. Noron
This is a person that is not yet a cultist but the cultist gangs has eyes on him. They'll either force him or entice him to join. He's a working project for the time being. So they call him noron. Example: no touch this guy na noron him be.

So if anyone calls you a noron he wants to turn you into a cultist.

8. Odin ship
Odin ship means condom, if a cultist is talking about Odin ship he's referring to condom. If you're a girl run for your life.

9. Loot / L.T / Looter
This means a random chicks they want to have sex with. Example: I want loot this girl or this girl na my loot or this girl na my L.T

10. O.V.B or Overboard
This means to kill someone

11. H.I.T
This means part or the whole crew are going for an ambush

12. Talasa
This means to beat or hit a person till they bleed

13. Sink
When they say any of your property or they say they want to sink something. It means they want to carry your belongings forcefully.

14. Obembe business
A meeting where they share their monthly dues and allowances.

15. Omila squad
This means a gang of armed robbers.


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