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Big cats are always at top of the food chain, the do more of the killings and eating in the forest. These big cats reign in most of their habitats and are barely opposed by other predators. Big cats are respected and feared in their habitats because of their speed, aggression, muscular power and bite force their deadly claws is also not an exception. They mainly feed on herbivores though they devour some predators at times just to show supremacy in their habitats or when they are extremely hungry. Most big cats are from the same genus known as "Panthera". "Panthera's" are known for having roaring ability so it's obvious that cheetahs are exclusive amongst the list of Panthers.

Focusing on the main point, which is "the most powerful cat" most people would think this tag "most powerful" is only ascribed to lions or tigers but the truth is that neither the lion nor the tiger is the most powerful cat though they are quite very powerful. The reason for this is listed below.

Why Are Lions And Tigers Not The Most Powerful Cats?

There is no doubt that these two cats are powerful but they are not the most powerful cats. The lion is the second largest cats, a male African Lion weighs about 250kg while the Siberian tiger can weighs up to 360kg. These cats are strongest of all cats because of their weight but they are not the most powerful.

These cats can easily kill other big cats because of their weight advantage but when it come to power, the Jaguar rules. I would explain further on this. Remember that I said that Lions and Tigers are stronger than other wild cats including the Jaguar but they are not most powerful.

How Is The Power Of Cats Rated?
The power of cats are rated not based on their weight or strength but based on their features. It depends on what the animal can do despite it's size there is no doubt that no animal which has the same size and weight like the Jaguar is a match for it. I hope this doesn't confuse you, but you should know that in this terms power is different from strength. Strength depends on weight while power doesn't. I would show you below reasons why Jaguars are the most powerful cats.

Why is the Jaguar, The Most Powerful Cat?

The Jaguar is tagged the most powerful cat because it is very powerful despite it's weight. A male jaguar weighs about 100kg but can take down deadly preys like the Crocodile. It has a very large muscle density. Pound for pound I don't think there is a big cat of it's size that can defeat it. It has a big force of about 1500psi which is greater than that of any other big feline. It is also very agile and doesn't kill it's prey like other cats. The Jaguar's pattern of killing is absolutely different, unlike other cats that bites the neck of its prey and kills it by suffocation, the jaguar bites the skull of its prey and cracks it's down with it's powerful bite force. I hope to convince you and not to confuse you about this matter. The Jaguar might not be the strongest but it's highly powerful.


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