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Most times when people send us a message, file, audio or video on WhatsApp, and delete them, we get curious to see what the person had sent to us, expecially when we are not in good term with the person.

To see deleted whatapp messages, we'll need a third party app, what this app does is to get all the messages that comes in on any app we allow it to, and when the message get deleted, we still have a copy of the message.

What app are we to use as the third party app?
The third party app you can use is the "whatsremoved+" app, you can get this app on the Google play store you can as well check on Apple store for ios users.

After downloading the app, install the app and accept the terms of use, then add WhatsApp as the app you'll like the whatsremoved+ App to get all notifications of.

After this, deleted messaged can be seen on the App.


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