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Ignorance among Africans is the reason people like Bill Gates and his wife take us for granted. There maybe many reasons why we need to stay at home. But people have literally failed to understand that corona virus is real. An example of today's case is the Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria who got the best medical care in Nigeria.

According to multiple sources, he got the best available ventilator stationed to him. The best doctors in Nigeria were assigned to treat him and yet, he still died.

Are you still complaining about hunger? Are you still complaining of alcohol and cigarettes? I guess you need to rethink well and sit well at home.

If you contract COVID-19, there isn't any chance that you might get the best ventilator. Chances are you are gonna die before you even realize what hit you.You probably wouldn’t make it to the hospital. That primary care center down your street may not be well equipped to treat you.

This is a lesson that you need to learn from, you don’t sit at home because the government says so. You are trying to make things better for you and your family. Please always sit at home for the fear of your life and that of your loved ones.

Many People recover from COVID-19, but you might not be that lucky in your own case.Let us be diligent. Wash your hands until scales start to grow on it. If In doubt, wash that hand again.

Africa has been hit badly and I know we were all joking before, but this is really sad. And I do not pray any of us or our loved ones contract this. I don’t pray our leaders don't contract the virus, because if it happens there would be unending unrest in the country.

The likes of Bill Gate have tried tame a fool out of we Africans but in time times like dis.We need to stand strong and play our part in Fight the deadly virus.

COVID-19 might just be the infrastructural revolution that Africa needs. From South Africa to Nigeria to Ghana, Kenya, Uganda etc, no elected government should play with health care from today henceforth.


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