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So I just travelled three weeks ago, despite my carefulness on not forgetting or leaving anything behind, I still forgot two things. Though the consequence is still one I coped with for the 3 days I spent but yet there absence were felt. 

So in this post I listed those things you should always arrange on your bed and never forget to pack in your bag while travelling:

1. Your clothes - both tops and trousers, belts and other accessories . Quantity depending on time you want to spend.
2. Your inner wears/underwears like pant, boxers, bras etc
3. Tooth paste
4. Tooth Brush
5. Sponge and soap with case
6. Towel
7. Combs and hair brush
8. Creams, vaseline, facial cleanser etc
9. Any night product or drug you use
10. Perfume
11. Sandals or Slippers you can wear apart from the shoe you wore
12. Your phone(s) 
13. Phone charger 
14. Ear piece/ headset
15. Pyjamas or sleeping cloth (both top and down) 
16. Scarf/bandana
17. Pen knife key holder or Nail tweezers and first aid item
18. A novel, magazine or any book. 
19. Wallet, purse,money and Atm (obviously you won't want to forget this) 
20. I D card, passport or any means of Identification 
21. Necklace, ring, glasses, caps, and other fashion items
22. Wristwatch 
23. Socks
24. Shoes
25. Mosquito net/repellant just incase
26. Torch/ small lamp (most times phone's torch light can replace this) 
27. Sleep wrapper incase of cold due to rain. 
28. Light Foods/ drinks
29. Pen and book
30. Games or sporting items

Lastly, do not forget to turn off home appliances like fans, AC, and light. 
And remember to put all this items on your bed so you will not forget anyone when packing. 
Feel free to add any i miss. 


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