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2 Dimensional plane shapes are flat shapes which are close or bounded and have two dimensions i.e length and breadth. 
Examples are rectangle, square, kite, circle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium. 
Properties of The Rectangle
1. A rectangle has four sides
2. Two opposite sides are equal and opposite
3. It has 4 corners
4. Each corner is right angle
5. The diagonals are equal and bisect each other
6. It has two lines of symmetry

Properties of Square
1. It has four equal sides. 
2. It has four corners and each is right angled (angles at 90°)
3.The diagonals are equal and bisect each other. 
4. A square has 4 lines of symmetry. 

Properties of The Parallelogram 
1. It has four sides. 
2. Two opposite sides are parallel
3. Two opposite sides are equal
4. Opoosite angles are equal
5. It has two unequal diagonals

Properties of The Rhombus
1. It has four sides
2. The four sides are all equal
3. Opposite sides are parallel
4. Opposite angles are equal
5. It has two unequal diagonals

Properties of The Trapezium 
1. It has 4 unequal sides
2. It has two opposite sides which are parallel
3. It has 4 unequal angles

Properties of the Kite
1. It has 4 sides. 
2. It has four angles. 
3. 2 pair of adjacent sides are equal. 
4. It has one line of symmetry 
5. It has two angles equal. 

A triangle is a flat shape with three sides and three angles. Examples of such shapes with three sides are the C-caution road sign, set square. 

a. It has all three sides equal
b. It has three equal angles
c. It has three line of symetry

a. Two of its three sides are equal
b. The angles opposite the two equal sides are equal
c. It has only one line of symmetry 

a. None of its three sides are equal
b. None of its three angles are equal
c. It has no line of symmetry

Others are Right angled triangle, Obtuse angle and acute angled triangles. 

A circle is a flat and round plane figure that has its center equal distance from the circumference. Examples are of such shapes are coins, wheel, rings and tyres. 

Parts of a Circle and their properties

1. Center: The center is the point at the middle of a circle. 
2. Circumference: It is a line that surrounds or bound the circle.
3. Diameter: it is a line passing through the center and meeting the circumference at both ends. 
4. Radius: the radius is any line drawn from the center to the circumference. 
5. Arc: An arc is a part or portion of the circumference. 
6. Chord: A chord is a straight line from one side of a circle to another without passing through the center of the circle. 
7. Sector: it is a part of a circle surrounded by two radii and an arc. 
8. Segment: The part of a circle bounded by a chord and an arc. 
9. Semi-circle: This is half of the circle with diameter and circumference as boundary

- Begin the lesson by; 
Showing them videos on 2-D shapes. 

Then showing them a shape picture  collage to see and pass round one after the other

- Begin the lesson by giving the pupils 4 matches stick and are told to form a shape with it. Then we name each shape made.   

- Begin the lesson by asking them to bring out the set square in their maths set and telling them its shape. Then give them matchsticks to form a triangle. 

- Begin the lesson by showing them videos of a circle and showing them circular objects like rubber band, coins and protractor. 

- Pupils should be Able to ;
a. To know the meaning of 2 dimensional l shapes
b. Give examples of 2-D shshape 
c. List the properties of rectangle and square.

- Pupils should be Able to ;
To know the properties of parallelogram, Rhombus, Trapezium and kite. 
b. Learn how to draw them.

- Pupils should be Able to ;
a. To identify a triangle and its number of sides. 
b. Know all the types of triangles that exist and their properties.     

- Pupils should be able to ;
a. Identify a circle and a circular shape. 
b. Know and define each parts of a circle. 

Monday - Thursday Schedule
- Define and list examples of plane shapes. List Properties of Rectangle and square. 
mathematics Book 4, pages  274 – 276
Various Shapes of 2-D, Shape collage, box, object

-  List properties of Parallelogram, Rhombus, Trapezium, and kite. 
mathematics Book 4, pages  276 – 277
Match stick, various Shapes of 2-D, Shape collage, box, object

- Know the meaning, types and properties of Triangle
mathematics Book 4, pages  278 – 280
Set square, maths set, match stick, various Shapes of 2-D, Shape collage, box, object

- Know the meaning, examples, parts and properties of a circle. 
mathematics Book 4, pages  
281 – 283
Mathset, ball, rubber band various Shapes of 2-D, Shape collage, box, object


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