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Instructions: answer all questions
1. Calculate the area of a square with sides 1.5cm. (a) 2.25cm²     (b) 3.0cm2     (c) 2.5cm2    (d) 22.5cm2
2. I think of a number; if I subtract 2 from it and multiply it by 5, my answer is 20. What is the number?        (a)4         (b) 6             (c) 8             (d) 10

3. Find the area of a circle of radius 7cm. Take pi as 22/7.         (a) 180cm2               (b) 398cm2         (c)    154cm2           (d)      70cm2
The image below is a pictogram representing the number of calls to Jewels & Pearls school in a week. Use it to answer questions 4 and 5
4. On which day does the school get the most calls? (a) Friday (b) Tuesday (c) Thursday (d) Monday

5. How many calls were received altogether during the week? (a) 130 (b) 140 (c) 150 (d) 160
6. By increasing ₦800 by 100 % what will be our result?
(a) ₦1500          (b) ₦1900            (c) ₦1600            (d) ₦1690

7. A man bought a bicycle for ₦550 and sold it at a loss of ₦350. What is the selling price?  (a) ₦740            (b) ₦200            (c) ₦350          (d) ₦250 
8.  Express 25% as a fraction  (a)1/4  (b) 1/2  (c) 9/20  (d) 7/20 
9. Solve 5625 + 7895  (a) 19370  (b) 9270  (c) 13520  (d) 13073
10.  Multiply 0.02 by 10    (a) 2.0   (b) 0.002   (c) 0.02   (d) 0.2
11. If 5 men did a job in 20 days. How long would 10 men take to do it?  (a) 10 days  (b)  20 days  (c) 5 days  (d) 15 days 
12. The product of 2² ×3²   (a) 6 (b) 36 (c) 12  (d) 24
13. Change into improper fraction 11 3/5 (a) 214/5  (b)203/5  (c) 58/5  (d) 97/5
14.  Find the H.C.F of 24 and 12  (a) 18  (b) 20  (c) 2  (d)  12
15.  Write down the previous two terms of this sequence.......,........ - 10, - 5, 0, 5, 10,    (a) - 20, - 15 (b) - 15, - 20    (c) 15, 20  (d) 20,15 
16.  Find the LCM of  30, 15 and 20. (a) 30  (b) 60  (c) 24  (d) 120  (d) 120  
17.  Which is the largest of these fractions: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6?   (a) 2/3  (b) 1/2  (c) 5/6 (d) 4/5  
18. Find the simple interest on #1000 for 5 years at the rate of 2% per annum.   (a) #75    (b) #150   (c) #200    (d)#100
19.  Express in words: 400,384  (a) Four hundred thousand, three hundred and eighty-four  (b) four hundred, three eight-four thousand  (c) forty thousand, three hundred and eighty-four  (d) forty three thousand and eighty-four (e) two hundred and three thousand and eight-four 
20.  218  x = 118. What is x? (a) 185  (b) 100  (c)168  (d) 178  (e) 188 
Attempt any 5 questions from this section. All questions carry equal mark. Workings must be clearly shown.

1. a. Simplify (x3 ÷ x1/2) × (x3/2 ÷ x0)
b. find cube root of 312

 If the food above cost #1000 using number line, arrange the students below from the poorest to the richest.
i. Adam was able to pay for the food and still left with 800,
ii. Chichi had enough money for the food and has 50 left,

iii. Emeka used all his money to pay for the food,
iv. Olamide borrowed 500 from Chichi in order to pay for the food,
v. Sade borrowed 300 from Adam in other to pay for the food.
 a. What is the volume of the fish tank above?
b. How many liters of water does the fish tank hold?
c. ii. Convert the following capacities to liter:
i. 3000cm3
ii. 2650cm3
4. Use the information provided below to answer these questions: 

a. List items that weigh less than 1 kg 
b. Which items weigh more than 1/2kg? 
c. Which two items weigh 1kg 650g? 
d. What will be the total weight of the textbook, the school bag and the wall clock?

b. A businessman left Lagos for Kano at 4:30 p.m. by car. Six hours later , he was in Kaduna, then two and half hours later he got to Kano. At what time did he get to Kano?
6. a. A bag contains 5 white balls, 10 black balls and 15 blue balls. Find the probability of:
i. Picking a white ball first,
ii. Picking a black ball first, 
iii. Picking a blue ball first
b. it is my turn to throw a the die and I need a 6 or 1 to be able to win the game. What is the probability that I can win on my throw?
7. a. What is the value of 1.4 × 2.2 correct to two decimal places? 
b. In a basket, there are 465 tomatoes in the first basket, 543 in the second basket and 230 in the third basket. 
i. What is the total amount of tomatoes in the three baskets? 
ii. Convert the total amount of tomatoes to the nearest hundred.


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