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Instructions: answer all questions
1. Simplify 52/5  +   11/5.      (a) 71/2   (b)  72/5    (c) 68/12  (d) 62/3
2. Write 367,814 in words. (a) Three six seven, eight fourteen   (b) Three hundred and sixty-seven thousand, eight hundred and fourteen   (c) Three hundred and sixty seven, eight hundred and fourteen thousand (d) Three hundred and sixty-seven million, eight hundred and fourteen. 

3. Change 23/7 to a mixed fraction  (a) 31/8  (b) 37/8  (c) 32/7  (d) 315/8
4. What is the value of XL - XXX in Roman numeral?  (a) IX (b) XX  (c) IXX            (d) X 
5. Find the product of 9 and 7.  (a) 36  (b) 49  (c) 40  (d) 63 
6. The LCM of 36 and 48 is  (a) 120  (b) 196  (c) 144  (d) 180
7. The HCF of 36 and 48 is   (a) 30  (b) 12  (c) 4  (d) 6
8. Subtract 200kobo from #10.54  (a) #8.54k  (b) #12.54k   (c) #9.21k  (d) #7.35k
9. Add up 872.3 and 993.7  (a) 1922   (b) 1987  (c) 1866  (d) 1877
10. Convert 6/18 to decimal?  (a) 2.33  (b) 0.11  (c) 0.22  (d) 0.33
11. Find the value of x if  x/4 = 12 (a) 48  (b) 38  (c) 46  (d) 40
12. Divide 210.5 by 7 and approximate to whole numbers. (a) 21  (b) 30  (c) 10  (d) 9
Use the calendar below to answer question 13 to 15.
13. Which day of the week is 15th of June?  (a) Wednesday (b) Thursday (c) Friday (d) Saturday
14. What is the date of the second Monday in June?   (a) 8 (b) 9 (c) 10 (d) 11
15.  What is the date on the last day of June?   (a) 30      (b) 29 (c) 28  (d) 27 
16. A book cost #10. How much will ten books cost?   (a) #50       (b) #100    
 (c) #1000       (d) #150
17. What is the place value of digit 5 in 4658?   (a) Ones        (b) Tens           (c) Hundreds         (d) Thousands
18. What is the area of a rectangular field of length 6cm and breadth 4cm?  
(a) 10cm2    (b) 20cm2 (c) 35cm2 (d) 24cm2
19. Which of the following is not a 2-dimensional shape. (a) Cylinder (b) Square (c) Trapezium    (d) Rectangle
20. In a class of 10 pupils, if the heaviest girl weighs 53kg. What is her weight in grams? 
(a) 53g     (b) 5300g (c) 530g (d) 5.3g
Attempt any 5 questions from this section. All questions carry equal mark. Workings must be clearly shown.
1. i. Approximate these numbers to the nearest ten. 
a. 56 
b. 79
ii. Approximate these numbers to the nearest hundred. 
a. 370
b. 298
2. i. Convert the following lengths to centimeter (cm) 
a. 3m
b. 2.5m
ii. Convert the following lengths to meter (m) 
a. 200cm
b. 600cm
3. i. With the aid of a ruler and pencil, draw lines:
a. 8cm
b. 10.5cm
4.a. Convert the weights below to grams (g)
i. 50kg
ii. 75kg
b. If the weights of Ayo, Blessing and Gift are 35kg, 41kg and 28kg respectively. 
i. Find their total weights in grams.
ii. what is the average of their weights?
5.  Complete the table below
1. .............. Seconds = 1 Minute
2. .............. Seconds = 2 Minute
3. .............. Minutes = 1 Hour
4. ............. Months = 1 Year
5. 7 Days = ........... Week
6. 52 Weeks = 1 ............ 
7. 1 Year = 365 .............. 
8. 24 hours = ............. Day

6. i. What is the time on the clocks below?

7. a. With the aid of a ruler and pencil, draw the following shapes:
i. Cuboid        ii. cone        iii. Cylinder
b. mention two properties each of 
i. A Cuboid ii. A cube iii. A cuboid

(20 § 4) =4 (16 ¶ 5) = 11
(27 § 3) = 9 (5 ¶ 2) = 3 

21. What is the value of (18 § 6)  =   .............................. 

22. Solve (28 ¶ 22)  =  ................................................

23. Evaluate (60 § 10 ¶ 2) = ...................................... 

24. Calculate (22 ¶ 6) ÷ (8 § 4) = ............................. 

25. Find x if (x ¶ 40) = 10 


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