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Production is the process of making things to be sold in large quantities.
There are two basic production types:
a. Manual Production
b. Electro-mechanical production
1. Manual Production
It is the production process that employs the use of human energy and effort in order to accomplish its task. 
It involves the use of little or no tools. 
The following are some products of manual production:
i. Aso-oke production
Aso oke is produced through the use of locally fabricated instrument called loom with some yarns. 
ii. Blacksmithing 
It is the process of making and repairing things made of iron. Someone who does this is called a Blacksmith. 
The main tools used by a blacksmith are: the forge tool, hammer, Anvil, Chisel, tongs
The items normally repaired or manufactured by a blacksmith are: Cutlass, Hoe, Rat trap, Knife, Rake. 
iii. Goldsmithing
This is the process of making and repairing things made of Gold. The instrument used are similar to that of blacksmith. Someone who engages in goldsmithing is called Goldsmith. 
The products of goldsmithing are: Chain, Ring, bangles, wristwatch. 
iv. Shoemaking
It is the process of making and repairing shoes of different types. Someone who engages in shoemaming is called a Shoemaker. 
The tools used by a shoe maker are: Shoe brush, thread, hammer, knife, blade, scissors, pincer, sewing machine, tack nails and buckles. 
v. Welding
It is the joining of metal pieces together through the application  of heat. Someone who does this is called a Welder. 
Tools used by a welder are: welding machine, tongs, hacksaw, plier, goggle, grinding machine, gloves, brush, iron bender, shield. 
The welding products are: metallic chair and table, burglary proof, gate, tanks, doors. 
2. Electro-mechanical Production 
These are productions used with the aid of machines and electicity. 
Examples are:
i. Brewing 
It refers to the production of beers of different kinds. And beers are alcoholic drinks made from malt and flavored with hops to give it bitter taste. Brewery is a factory in which brewing of beer takes place. 
Brewing process involves the use of heavy duty machines which are electrically operated. At every point in the production lines, factory workers are placed to monitor and control the production process. 
ii. Bottling Process
It is the production of soft and non-alcoholics drinks of different kinds. Its production process is similar to that of brewing process. 
iii. Cement Manufacturing Process
It is the production of grey powder known ad cement by burning clay and lime. Cements is popularly usedin construction works. 
iv. Automobile Manufacturing Process
This is a factory where cars, trucks and similar vehicles are made. Most automobile manufacturing processes are done abroad. This is as a result of the high technology involved. However, we assemble and carry out repairs and Maintenance in Nigeria. 
STARTER: students are shown carious materials and asked if they have been to a factory where things are produced before. 
1. Describe the following production process
a. Manual Production process
b. Electro-Mechanical production
2. a. What is blacksmithing? 
b. Name four tools used by a blcksmith. 
(a)...................      (b)..................... 
(c)....................     (d)..................... 
c. Mention 4 things that a blacksmith can produce. 
(a)..................       (b)................. 
(c)...................      (d)................ 
3. a. Mention four things that a goldsmith can produce. 
b. What is shoe making? 
4. Mention four tools used by a shoemaker. 
(a).............    (b)................ 
(c)..............    (d)................. 
5. Describe two electro-mechanical producfion process



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