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Ceramic is a solid object made from clay, mud or cement. 
In the olden days, man made most household utensils like plates, cups from clay. When clay is wet, it can be easily moulded into different shapes. 
A person who produces ceramic products is called a ceramist. 
Ceramics is a very brittle materialn that is it breaks easily when dropped and it has high meltpoint. 
Process of Ceramic making
Ceramics making involve the following processes
a. Clay preparation
b. Moulding of articles
c. Firing
d. Decorating 
a. Clay Preparation
It involves removal of clay impurities like sand by sieving the clay. Then the clay is mixed with water and pounded with hand until a stable fine mix has been obtained. 
b. Clay Moulding
There are two methods that can be used in moulding clay:
i. The pinch pot method: it involves using the free hand to mould clay and is by far the easiest method. But sometimes crack may occur.,when it does we use our fingers and small quantity of water to smoothen it. 
ii. The potter's wheel method
It uses a device with a rotating horizontal disc upon which clay is moulded by a potter. 
It is a faster and neater method of making ceramics since it is mechanized. 
c. Firing
A newly moulded ceramxics is soft, to harden it, it is baked in fire. This process is called Firing. Firing can be done using fire wood, but a modern irng is to use Kiln which can use oil and gas as fuel.
A finished clay product can also be air-dried. 
d. Decorating
After a clay pot has been baked or fired, it becomes soft and hardened.
Different patterns and design can be down. 
Ceramics Product Examples are
 House utensils, that is pot, cup, jug, etc. 
Industrial materials, - insulators, electrical part, spark plugs. 
Decorating itemse. G flower vases. 
Career prospect
When someone is trained in ceramics making, such a person can make a living in companies where clay or ceramics products are produced. 
STARTER: Students are shown ceramics object like plates, cups and jugs and they are to touch, feel it and guess what it is made of. 
1. An object made from the mixture of clay, mud or cement is called........... 
(a) ceramics (b) pot (c)concrete(d) slab
2. When clay is wet, it can easily be moulded into different shapes. True or False
3.State four processes involved in ceramic making. 
a. c. 
b. d. 
4. Name two methods that can be used in clay moulding. 
a. b. 
5. The clay moulding method that involves the uae of free hand is called.................
6. When a mechanical device with a rotating horizontal disc is usedin clay moulding, it is called............... 
7. The process of baking clay product is called.................... 
8. A............... is used in baking clay products. 
(a) stove (b) oven  (c) kiln  (d)cooker
9. List 5 ceramics product that you know. 
(a) ................... (b).................... 
(c)..................... (d).....................


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