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Get Flat Stomach (6 Packs) By Performing This 33 Seconds Exercise Daily

"Big Stomach; big health issues" - Ortintin
I have seen lots of adverts towards reducing belly fat and I have also seen lots of people spending heavily and doing crazy things just to reduce it.
But the truth is nothing in life is hard. Its only when you don't know the trick that it looks difficult. Since you want to reduce fat in your belly, simple thing to do is do always do things that will burn the fats and in that area.
In this article, I try to explain this 30 seconds exercise you can perform daily to flatten your stomach in just 3 months:
1. Once you wake up, stretch your body and make sure your hands are up for 10 seconds, (this contracts the stomach and force all its food contents in the right place),
2. Then start whining your waist from left to right making sure your two hands are still up (repeat like 10 times), also do the opposite by whining your waist from right to left (do this 10 times too). (This helps to free up space, quickly digest and stabilize any chemical inside our stomach).
3. Lastly tilt your stomach forward, pull backward, tilt forward then backward again, perform it 10 times.
Do this everyday and watch not only your stomach reduce but you feel healthy and get an improved sex life.


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