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The One Thing To Check When Phone Start Misbehaving

There are lots of things that can make a phone to malfunction, Such as liquid damage, broken touch pad, out dated software and the rest.
There are various examples of these malfunctions e.g phone hanging, phone becoming slow, Apps not working as expected, Browsers not opening webpages etc.
Now in all my years of working as a phone Technician, I have come to realise that the major cause of these problems are apps that we install. There are various apps that perform various functions, some are noticeable and some are undetected by users. For example an App you install to manage your mobile data might stop your phone from browsing at times or an app you install to clear memory space may perform other underground functions by not letting other apps give you notifications.
This is why its often required to restore factory settings when phone start misbehaving. But still yet; some restore the factory settings and still go ahead to download or install such apps and their phone start …

5 Importance Of Listening To Radio That Most People Have Forgotten

Though radio was first invented by the Italian Gugliemo Marconi in 1895, but it gained its popularity in the 1920s when there was great depression in North America and people were doing without most luxuries. In this write-up I try to list reasons to listen to radio and my own special reasons too.
General reasons are:
1. To broadcast important announcement and information. 2. It is one of the most affordable and the cheapest form of media. 3. It is very helpful in emergency announcements. . Personally, I like listening to radio because: . 1. As a lover of music, it gives me faster opportunity to listen to latest music both home and abroad. 2. I also get to listen to old songs/blues that have long forgotten. 3. It is also pleasing to listen to various people with different voices share their opinions on certain issues. 4. It has a great effect in honing my listening and speaking skills. 5. Lastly, when i want to do heavy work or type without getting tired; I turn on my radio. . Wel…


You lean over to whisper something to your friend or course mate and you can tell by the look on his/her face that something is up. Could it be your breath? Fine most of us at a certain time do have bad breathe, especially when we wake up from bed. This is due to the fact that when we sleep our metabolism rate is reduced and so is the saliva formulation which tends to make the mouth dry, and consequently dry mouth induces bacteria growth which feeds on the remnant of foods in our mouth which leads to ejection of offensive odor i.e bad breath (Halitosis) There are many causes of bad breath which I try to outline few below: 1. Improper way of brushing the mouth or not brushing regularly:
I tagged this  the most common reason why people have bad breath, cause if you wash your mouth and teeth properly then why should it ooze? The simple truth is that when you fail to wash your mouth properly yesterday, then today's dirt are accumulated to yesterday's own. Interestingly, severe ca…
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