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11 Importance of Eating Meat Most People Have Ignored

Meat is body or animal flesh that can be consumed as food. It is not only nutritious but it is also a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals.
These days most people talk about importance of eating fish thereby forgetting that meat has its own benefits too. So in this article I outlined various importance of eating meat that are known to only few:
1. The first and most important reason you should eat meat is because that is the way you were created biologically. Human beings are meat eaters by nature and our bodies require the nourishment that meat provides.
2. It increases bone strenght and proper body formation.
3. Eating meat helps in brain development for adult and most especially children and aid nervous system function properly. It achieves this by allowing more energy to travel to the brain.
4. Makes wound heals faster. Because beef is the top natural source of Zinc, and Zinc helps maintain optimal immune function thereby promoting faster wound healing. So if you sustain injury or your body does not heal fast, try adding beef to your diet.
5. Meat is among the four major food of the male reproductive organ. It acheives this by thickening the wall of the penis, since it increases muscle gowth.
6. Since meat such as organs and liver are good source of iron needed in bone marrow for blood formation, Women need more of this meat (iron) to replenish their blood loss during menstruation.
7. It aids Muscle Growth thereby leading to more strenght, energy and general body maintenance.
8. Meat helps keep blood sugar stable. Since it can serve as other source of energy thereby reducing our cravings for carbohydrates. Furthermore energy supplied by meat is more long lasting than the quick one supplied by carbohydrate.
9. Not eating meat can lead to neurotransmitter imbalances that result in a variety of mental conditions like anxiety, depression.
10. It gives Healthier skin. Well this is obvious since its a good supply of protein.
11. Animal products like meat are the only natural sources of Vitamin B12, which is essential in system metabolism
Other 2 facts are:
1. Meat is rich in iron more than vegetable and even spinach which helps prevent anaemia
2. Do you know that human being can entirely survive on eating meat.


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