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6 Tricks To Make People Know Your Name In A Gathering

Have you always found yourself in places or gatherings where you feel bad because those you talk to do not know your name. Well here are 8 things you can do to make them know your name. 1. Use your name in conversation or when telling a story. Though it can sound awkward at first but you have to practise till you find a suitable story or instance you can tell that will involve you adding your name. 2. Where a shirt, top or jersey that has your name customized on it. 3. Sometimes knowing their names make them want to know yours. And if that doesn't work pronouncing their name wrongly or giving them a nickname forces them to know your name or give you nickname too. 4. If you just won a game or do something spectacular, there is no harm in praising your name. Example: Ortintin you are the best. 5. You can fake a call and tell your name to the false reciever. For example you can say-  "this is Ortintin on the line, who are my speaking with." You can repeat it by saying - &…

5 Great Things You Can Still Accomplish This Year

This post will show those of us who wish to achieve something tangible this year some fantastic goals we can reach this year with ease. 1) Learn a Skill It might surprise you to know that skills are not taught in the university, which is the reason why most of our graduates can’t start something unless someone employs them. It sucks to see a graduate earning just 30,000 Naira after spending 5 years in the university. Whereas, a simple Web Designer makes such an amount in a single day doing something he loves.  No matter how much you’ve spent in the university; without a skill, you will end up with peanuts as a monthly paycheck – unless you have the Nigerian connection. Before the year runs out, I suggest you get a skill, and I recommend one of the lucrative skills like Web Design and Development. It would set you on the path of greatness just before the year runs out. 2) Start an Online Business Whether Fiverr, Upwork, or any other freelancing site, you can set up on your own online bu…

5 Foods That Can Increase Your Beauty And Delay Aging

Ageing is a natural part of life that can’t be avoided. However, the foods you eat can help you age better. Here are foods you can eat to look younger: Dark chocolate Chocolate contains antioxidants called flavanols, which protect the skin from sun damage and stops your body from turning red. However, the amount of flavanols varies significantly among different types of chocolate. Vegetables Vegetables are extremely full of nutrients and are also very low in calories. They contain antioxidants that help reduce the risk of heart disease, cataracts and cancer. So, the more you eat vegetables, the lesser the chances of you suffering any of the aforementioned ailments. Avocados Avocados are rich in healthy fat, fibre, several vitamins and minerals that are essential for health. Additionally, these minerals can fight inflammation, protect your skin from the sun and help repair damaged DNA. Spices Spices do more than just add flavour to your food. They also contain various compounds that may …

6 Hidden Qualities Men Want In Their Spouse

What do men want in a long-term partner? I am sure you have some idea but I am about to clarify what men seek in a potential wife... 1. Dependability Men want a woman who is faithful, reliable and trustworthy. They are looking for a loyal mate who will have their back and not stray elsewhere. Men need a good reason to commit to women, especially given the life-cycle of most marriages these days so it's no wonder that being a dependable partner is highly revered by men. 2. Emotionally stable Men who are ready to settle down want a partner who has a high level of emotional intelligence. Physical attraction is only part of it and not as important to men as you may think. Men will only make a safe investment in a woman who is grounded and who will not make their life more difficult or potentially threaten their freedom. 3. Intelligence This next factor is really important and highly undervalued. Guys want to be able to connect on an intellectual level to a woman. They adore women who ha…

20 Prayer Points You can Include To Your Daily Prayers

Here are twenty prayer points on mercy and favour that are powerful. 1. Lord, I thank you because my joy is multiplying as I receive unlimited favour of God in Jesus Name. 2. Lord, in whatever way that I have sinned against you and disobeyed your word and instructions, please show me mercy according to your loving kindness and forgive my sins according to your mercy that endures forever in Jesus name. 3. Lord, I seek your mercy and favour in my life, in my studies, in my business and so on (mention those areas where you want God’s mercy and favour), in Jesus name. 4. Father, by your mercy, listen to my cry and give me testimonies in Jesus name. 5. Psalms 102 verse 13 says: “You will arise and have mercy on Zion; for the time to favour her, Yes, the set time, has come. Oh Lord, arise and show me mercy, for it is time for me to experience your favour in name of Jesus.” 6. Oh Lord, I do not put my hope and trust in my strength, I put my hope and trust in your favour to bring me things i…

75 Compilations Of All The Positive Traits A Good Musim Should Observe

The following are list of good manners that we can learn from the Glorious Qur'an: Don't lie (22.30)
Don't spy (49.12)
Don't exult (28.76)
Don't insult (49.11)
Don't waste (17.26)
Feed the poor (22.36)
Don't backbite (49.12)
Keep your oaths (5.89)
Don't take bribes (27.36)
Honour your treaties (9.4)
Restrain your anger (3.134)
Don't spread gossip (24.15)
Think good of others (24.12)
Be good to guests (51.24-27)
Don't harm believers (33.58)
Don't be rude to parents (17.23)
Turn away from ill speech (23.3)
Don't make fun of others (49.11)
Walk in a humble manner (25.63)
Respond to evil with good (41.34)
Don't say what you don't do (62.2)
Keep your trusts & promises (23.
Don't insult others' false gods (6.108)
Don't deceive people in trade (6.152)
Don't take items without right (3.162)
Don't ask unnecessary questions (5.101)
Don't be miserly nor extravagant (25.67)
Don't call others with bad names (4…

3 Helpful Ways To Ease Your Brain From Worrying Unnecessarily

In this article, we will look at active ways that you can help train your brain to stop worrying. 1. STOP YOUR BRAIN FROM WORRYING BY
When you are training your brain to stop worrying, this one technique is said to be the most valuable. If your brain is keeping you up at night by thinking about something, put it down on paper or electronic format.
Doing so lets your brain breathe a mental sigh of relief by no longer having to spend energy trying to remember these details. If you’re worrying about what to serve for a gathering of friends, write down ‘What to serve?’ Writing it down also is a way for you to put your brain on notice and tell your brain ‘This is important enough to write down.’ Your brain has now been alerted to put resources toward solving this problem rather than being worried or having to remember the important thing to worry about. 2. MEDITATE FOR A WORRY FREE BRAIN
Meditation can help train your brain to stop worrying. Researchers in the journal Psychos…

6 Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Teeth

The teeth are an aspect of the body that most people ignore until it begins to hurt.  Therefore, some of the habits you should desist from are: 1. Chewing ice  I have met people who have no qualms with popping some ice cubes in their mouth. While this might seem like a fun habit, chewing on such hard substances can chip the teeth, not to mention what the coldness can do to the teeth- weaken them. 2. Tongue piercing While it may seem like a fashion statement, you pose the risk of infection. Also, metal consistently rubbing against your gum can weaken the gum. 3. Soft drinks Many of us can’t eat a meal without a bottle of soft drink but the sugar and acidic content wear the enamel. 4. Grinding your teeth So many people do this unconsciously, especially in their sleep. Over time, this habit can wear the teeth and even cause pain. It is best to wear a mouth guard at night. 5. Using your teeth to open stuff Your teeth may seem so hard and indestructible but they are not meant to open bottl…

12 Effective WaysTo Take A Better Picture With Your Smartphone}

Night Photography can suck sometimes because most of the mid range and low budget smartphones that are very common actually struggle to capture images in low light situations so most people just avoid taking pictures at night. I decided to outline the important steps on how to take amazing pictures at night. 1# Try To Keep The Camera Steady There's no way you'll get that perfect image if you're shaking your hands like a tremor patient. To avoid blurred images just try to keep the camera as steady as possible.
You can even go for a tripod which is the best option to take perfectly sharp shots. If you don’t have a tripod then you can try placing your phone on a wall, or any other solid surface and make use of the timer button on Camera interface. 2# Choose An Area With Good Lighting Lit up areas like street lights are good for drawing attention in dark environments. Make sure the subject is getting enough light to draw the attention. When you combine the lighting with your …

15 Things That Will Not Matter As You Grow Older

Here are some things we tend to expend lots of mental and physical energy on when we’re younger, that we eventually realize matter a lot less than we originally thought… 1. The inevitable frustrations of an average day. 
99% of what’s stressing you out today won’t matter a month from now. Sooner or later you will know this for certain. So just do your best to let go of the nonsense, stay positive, and move forward with your life. 2. The little failures you often feel self-conscious about.
When you set goals and take calculated risks in life, you eventually learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important in the long run. 3. How “perfect” everything could be, or should be. 
Understanding the difference between reasonable striving and perfectionism is critical to letting go of fantasies and picking up your life. Perfectionism not only causes you unnecessary stress and anxiety from the superficial need to always “get it r…

10 Motivational Steps To Make Your Dreams A Reality

If you have a dream and you are willing to make your dreams come to pass, I will show you how to make your dreams come true.  OUTLINE YOUR SET GOALS Not having a goal, is like driving without a destination, you will exhaust both yourself and the car too, hence to begin you need to have clearly defined goals, objectives that you want to achieve when you have set goal(s) it as if you are driving towards a known destination. DON’T BE DISTRACTED This world is filled with distractions and attractions. Do not underestimate the power of distraction, consider this: what do you think could happen to a driver who continues to look through his window while driving in a high way? He may lose control or may be hit by another vehicle, so when you are riding on the high way to reach your goal always avoid being distracted or attracted to anything that will slow down your pace or at worst stop you. Distractions can come in many ways; it can come in form of associations or individual habits. FINDING THE…

7 Ways To Spot Fake Job Invite

The number of fake jobs interviews is currently on the high side in Nigeria. This has warranted us to share with you, these life saving tips to enable you spot a fake job invite even from a distance. 1. The message does not hold up under an organization name: the majority of these con artists who exclude their names on the message you get. All you will see are the date and a telephone number. A certified organization won’t conceal its personality from a potential representative. 2. The message will state “talk with/work instructions”: whatever activity preparation implies I don’t have the foggiest idea! 3. You will see a code or reference: something like “HR=0056” or “REF=002”. This means that the code number of the individual who welcomed you to the “occupation preparation”. 4. It will contain a telephone number: this is the quantity of your referrer. Most honest to goodness organizations don’t give telephone numbers. 5. You will see HR Admin in the message rather than organization …

5 Ultimate Guide To Becoming Successful In Online Business

Starting an Online Business and becoming your own boss is simple. It has specific and proven steps you have to take and see things work out for you. 1. Provide value first. 2. Write informative copy that sells. 3. Design and customize an easy-to-use website. 4. Use popular search engines to drive qualified traffic to your site. 5. Establish yourself as an expert to the masses. Let's explain the simple steps in details; Step 1: Provide Value first and then market your brand In my opinion, I believe entrepreneurs make the common mistake of promoting the product first before providing value to the consumers. Before you even pitch anything to anyone it is important to have your consumer's personal interests in mind first. I would recommend that you write and promote informative content that will educate your market on how to find practical solutions to their problems before pitching what you have to offer. When it comes to a business like Affiliate Marketing that can give you so mu…

4 Ways To Protect Your Social Media Accounts

I've come up with a couple of ways to protect your Facebook account, please don't forget to share this to friends as well. 1. Anti-Phishing Techniques Phishing is the easiest trick in any hackers arsenal or weaponry. All it needs is for the victim to click on a link and log with in their original details on a fake page.  If you're still logged in to Facebook and a link requests that you type in your Facebook details again, do not do that. There's a high chance your details will be stolen once you type in your details on the page. This is quite different from the pages that ask you to log in with Facebook and requests access to your account. 2. Verify and Update Your Account Details Most people feel this is not necessary but It's very important. I woke up this morning and tried to log in to my account via a browser and I was asked to verify my identity with my number. I'm like okay that shouldn't be a problem until I saw the number I was asked to verify. A nu…

3 Sure Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are visible lines on the skin surface.
While pregnancy is the main cause behind stretch marks, other reasons can be sudden gain or loss in weight, rapid growth, and changes in physical conditions.  Aloe vera Aloe vera is effective in the treatment of many skin problems. Its healing and soothing properties can be used to get rid of stretch marks. You can directly rub the gel on the affected skin area, leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse the skin with water. Keep affected area moisturised Keep the affected area moisturized. It helps deliver concentrated moisture to stretch marks wherever it is located. Use stretch mark creams a few times daily, especially after bathing and before going to bed. Coconut oil or Castor Oil Since stretch marks are scarring from skin damage, coconut oil might help heal the appearance quickly. Coconut oil has healing properties and found to reduce the time it takes for skin wounds to heal. Applying coconut oil to your stretch marks each day m…

9 Strong Habits Every Student Should Do Away With If They Wish To Progress

In life, you don’t decide your future, just develop a habit and your habit will determine your future. So, the future is bright for those with good habits. Destructive Habits Every University Student Should Let Go #1 Lack Of Confidence One of the destructive habits every university student should let go is lack of confidence. The first step to success in your studies and future career is to believe in yourself. As a matter of fact, no body will ever believe in you if your self esteem and confidence level is low. This is a major challenge most students face in school. As a matter of fact, most of them develop stage freight and can’t even address a group of 10 people. Try hard to let this habit go otherwise it may ruin your career and social life in the future. #2 Allowing Other People’s Opinion To Affect You This is also among the destructive habits every student should let go. different people will criticize you and come up with opinions about you. Some may be positive and others may…

Causes of Asthma And Prevention

Asthma is a common lung condition that causes occasional breathing difficulties. It affects people of all ages and often starts in childhood, although it can also appear for the first time in adults. There’s currently no cure for asthma, but there are simple treatments that can help keep the symptoms under control so it doesn’t have a significant impact on your life. Some people, particularly children, may eventually grow out of asthma. But for others it’s a lifelong condition. Early Symptoms of asthma The main symptoms of asthma are:
-wheezing (a whistling sound when breathing)
-a tight chest – which may feel like a band is tightening around it
-coughing The severity of the symptoms varies from person to person. They usually come and go, but for some people they’re more persistent.
Asthma symptoms can sometimes get temporarily worse. This is known as an asthma attack. When to get medical advice Several conditions can cause similar Early symptoms of Asthma, such as a ch…

4 Secrets That Guaranties The Rich Gets Richer

Are all these are correct, right? WRONG! Let me show you four reasons why the rich are getting richer. 1. The rich love learning about anything that brings money. The best way to spot someone who has no plans to work hard is to see them shout “scam” when a wonderful money making idea is presented to them. Talks like “if you are making so much money, why are you sharing it?” is something that is common. They forget the fact that we are 170 Million people in Nigeria, which means that the market is extremely large for anyone to offer a service and make money. Give a rich man an idea; he doesn’t castigate the idea till he has tried it several times without any headway. 2. Working Hard is another When I mean Hard work, I don’t mean standing under the sun or being busy. Hard work is something most of us don’t have. Have you ever tried something more than 10x and it didn’t work, yet you continued? Have you ever engaged in a business that didn’t yield initial success until after 2 years, yet y…

5 Quick Steps To Help You Have A Productive Day

There is nothing more interesting than the feeling you get when you have a productive morning. There is always a sense of achievement and the feeling to do even better. So, some of the tips to have a productive morning are; Exercise Exercise is one of the easiest ways to have a productive morning. This is due to the fact that it gives a boost of energy for the rest of the day. However, it may take a while before your body system gets used to morning exercise. So, it is better to take it one step at a time till you are used to it. You can even start with a few minutes of stretching, pushing and squats session. It will definitely activate your body and mind through out the day. Prepare a do list It is always good to start your day with a well prepared do list. In other words, try and write the list of what you hope to achieve each day. It involves mapping out the day and visualizing what you will do. This will enable you to be well organized and focus through out the rest of the day. U…

5 Things A Lady Can Offer Apart From Sex

I'm pretty sure you have heard a statement like this before "After sex some girls have nothing else to offer" well I am here to tell you ladies some things you can offer in a relationship apart from sex.  1. HUMOR No man wants a girl with no sense of humor, some girls think a relationship is a one-sided affair, as long as he is making me laugh and happy am ok. Wrong. It should also be the other way around. A sense of humor is a necessity in life and you should enjoy using it to its fullest extent. Don't get angry over every little thing learn to laugh at yourself once in a while.  2. EQUAL CONTRIBUTIONS You should be able to provide for your man as much as he provides for you because he deserves to feel safe and loved too. Strive to match his ambition, not stand on the sidelines while he does all of the work. No reason why you shouldn't be able to assist during difficult times, taking him on dates. 3. HUMILITY A woman should possess the humility needed to set as…

10 Obvious Things That Can Ruin A Career

Most of the time, all that people think about and work hard towards is getting a job. Sadly, they dont think about keeping it or even ways that they could loose it. I think its easier to loose a job than to get one so these 10 points would guide you on keeping your job. 1. Consistently showing up late; coming to work, meetings or other functions late is rude. 2. Making too many excuses;Always having an excuse for every thing that goes wrong reduces your credibility level before your employer and co workers. 3. Blaming others for your wrongs 4.Putting others down;when you put others down you certainly dont pull your self up. Gossip is a very unhealthy habit. 5. Multitasking But Not Getting Anything Done
There’s a huge difference between working hard and working smart. When you try to do everything all at once, the risk is that you end up accomplishing nothing or turning in work that isn’t your best work possible. 6. Being Too Personal For Work
Taking occasional personal calls or order…
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