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6 Tricks To Make People Know Your Name In A Gathering

Have you always found yourself in places or gatherings where you feel bad because those you talk to do not know your name. Well here are 8 things you can do to make them know your name. 1. Use your name in conversation or when telling a story . Though it can sound awkward at first but you have to practise till you find a suitable story or instance you can tell that will involve you adding your name. 2. Where a shirt, top or jersey that has your name customized on it. 3. Sometimes knowing their names make them want to know yours . And if that doesn't work pronouncing their name wrongly or giving them a nickname forces them to know your name or give you nickname too. 4. If you just won a game or do something spectacular, there is no harm in praising your name. Example: Ortintin you are the best. 5. You can fake a call and tell your name to the false reciever. For example you can say-  "this is Ortintin on the line, who are my speaking with." You can repeat i
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