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8 Facts Every Man Should Know About Sex During A Woman's Period

There is nothing wrong with having sex while a woman is on her period, but the re are some details about this situation you (and she) might want to know first. 1. The Basic Biology Sex ed. told you the basics about a woman's menstrual cycle, but here's what's important to know for this situation. A period marks the end of the body's monthly attempt to get pregnant. Awaiting a fertilized egg, the uterus developed a thickened lining to keep this potential occupant happy. If an egg doesn't get fertilized, the body can't sustain this special womb, so hormone levels drop and the lining is shed. "The bleeding is because there is a blood supply that went into those tissues, and it bleeds until the tissue comes out enough and the blood vessels start to close off," says Rowen. 2. What it Feels Like Women may already be in a considerable amount of pain during their period, so sex may seem like it would add to that. The short answer is: it shouldn'

16 Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Suicide

"As chopping off one's head is not the cure for headache, so is commiting suicide not the solution to your predicament" I have being reading in the news recently about the upsurge in suicide attempt mostly common among young people. I want you to know that at every point in life, everyone have thought of ending their own life but one thing or another freezes their hands. I hope you still your hands and find solace in reading this reasons I have outlined: 1. It will upsets your parents and crush the spirit of the few that actually love you. 2. It displeases God. Besides no one even knows what happens after death? 3. Those who benefit from you, might become hopeless for life. Ok you don't believe me! Well your pet, that poor man/woman you often give alms to,  that person who eats from you, the person coming to meet you for assistance will definitely feel it. 4. There are beautiful moments ahead of you. All it requires is for you to just pass today's te

5 Natural Remedies To Have Pink Lips

By default, lips are meant to be pink and succulent. You can regain the rosy pink colour of your lips with the help of these home remedies: Remedy 1 Ingredients * Icing Sugar or Icing Cake * Honey * Coconut oil Procedure 1. Pour 1 table spoon of the icing sugar in a bowl 2. Add 1 spoon of honey 3. Add 1 spoon of coconut oil 4. Mix them together 5. Then use mixture to rub your lips and let it stay for like 10 minutes 6. Do this frequently and watch your lips become pinker. Others are; 2. Gently scrub with your toothbrush for softer pink lips A good soft bristled toothbrush scrub can help remove the dry skin around your lips. This will make them look more fresh and vibrant. 3. Honey, almond oil and sugar help in getting pink lips Mix honey, sugar and almond oil together. Massage your lips with this mixture for ten minutes on a daily basis for natural pink lips. 4. Turmeric powder and milk gives your lips a pinky shine This combination is good for overall skin health, and your lips are no
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