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7 Things Every Man Must Know Before He Clocks 40 

This article points out every thing men need to know before becoming a quadragenarian. 
1. It is the Beginning of the rest of your life.
According to the latest WHO data published in 2015, life expectancy in Nigeria is: Male 53.4.
It’s safe to say it’s the start of the remaining half. By this time you should draw a map of how you want your retirement to be.
2. Have a business alongside job:
It doesn’t matter if you work as the CEO of Chevron Nig., your business is your physical, financial and intellectual property. You’d retire from government/public job someday but your business is your legacy. One you can fix your children into her board of directors when old age sets in. Learn from Baba Davido.
3. Write your will: 
Yes, your will. I’m not wishing you dead neither am I wishing you bad. It doesn’t matter if your life savings is 1 naira, get yourself a good and affordable lawyer and pen it down.
4. Be close to your kids: 
At this age, your kids are probably under 10. The love you show them at this age range goes a long way. If you ain’t close to them at this age, it doesn’t matter if you pamper/babysit them for the rest of their lives, they might hate you.
5. Retire from youthful exuberance:
you should be a father by now. If you still sag your pants at this age, or probably still keep 2-5 girlfriends, I’m afraid........
6. Join a social club:
I don’t mean clubs like quilox nor places to drink yourself to stupor. There are clubs where responsible adults meet to play golf, swim and socialize. This gathering is a form of security for you and your wards. Good clubs as such protect their members when sacked from work, solve problems for their members and extend these services to their wards after the demise of their members. Such a good club have members representing all professions in Life; you’d find doctors, military officials, lecturers, motor dealers, engineers etc. It should be a club you can always call on a member colonel to put your son who is passionate about military through. It should also be a club you can easily get a member SAN/lawyer to help you do your legal sturvz. NEVER a place to practice occult activities.
If you still don’t get the picture by now, I’m afraid...
7. Know your medical menace:
At this age you should have an idea if you are tending towards diabetes or obesity. Your knowledge of this will keep you abreast of possible old age menace. Don’t wait until you start seeing ants waiting with straws to gulp down your urine before you realize you have a family history of diabetes. It’d be too late sir!


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