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3 Signs That You Would Financially Successful 

I have seen a majority of people with the traits I am about to list become successful. So if you can pick some few points, apply it to your life, you will surely be on the path to success.
What are these traits?
You have several Financially Successful people as Friends
There is no way you’d be among people who are financially successful, and not become one. A few years back as a broke personality roaming the streets of Lagos, I finally met a top Affiliate Marketer via this forum.
We became close and started relating on a whole new level. I didn’t want money, all I wanted was knowledge. It was hard to make him give me the knowledge (though I had to pay for it), but that is what puts food on my table till date. I have made millions from gross commissions in Affiliate marketing, and I am not stopping anytime soon.
If you want to be rich, you mingle with the rich and know what they know.
1. You run with Ideas
Running with Ideas mean implementation of ideas that you conceived or someone told you. Nigeria is a land filled with opportunities, so those with creative ideas and implement it are showing signs of those who would succeed financially.
Most of the ideas might not be successful at first, but it shows someone with the extra desire to succeed. “Ideas are like kites, who catches it first flies with it.” Users of ideas are always down the financial chain, while owners of ideas are up there in the financial freedom chain.
In my online business class, I thought of an idea and shared it with my students. The first girl to implement it made $900 profit that month.

2. You Think Smart and Work Hard
Now is the time to forget the cliché that says “Hard work doesn’t pay.” Hard work pays and will continue to pay. But hard work on its own as a single function won’t pay unless you support it with the thinking smart aspect.
Before I joined Fiverr, I didn’t bother reading up all those jargons on the internet. I simply contacted a successful Fiverr worker; bought his E-book guide for 6k in 2016, I recouped my investment of 6k in the first 2 weeks .and went on to make $150. It was small, but ever since I have made 6 digits on monthly basis.
You don’t suffer from the trial and error method in the 21st century when people already have models that work. Just invest a little amount in someone’s successful model, and set up your own to earn thousands of dollars immediately.
3.You don’t give up
This is a general trait for those that will be successful. When you first start a venture that would earn you money, it isn’t always easy at first. Your first few months MIGHT be discouraging, but you don’t give in to the disappointments.
If you have followed the right model, done your research, and created the right system in place, along with the line, everything will fall into place. It is all about persistence and determination. Nigeria is a hard place to start a business, that’s the reason most youths have decided to dive into online businesses – because there are no limiting factors to it.


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