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10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Drains Quickly

Depending on how you use your phone, an average smartphone battery usually lasts 8-9 hours but a lot of things can actually drain your battery very quickly.
1.Bright Screen
This is the number one reason why smartphone’s battery nowadays doesn’t last long. If you set your screen brightness too high, then you are actually killing your smartphone’s battery unknowingly.
Turn your screen brightness to the minimum or set it to automatic mode. This will probably help you save some precious battery power and save your poor eyes from strain.
If your phone is constantly searching for available WiFi networks then it can use up a lot of power. If you don’t need a WiFi network then simply turn it off.
3.Background Apps
Apps running in the background can drain your battery in no time. Make you check the settings menu and disable all the running apps.
4.Battery Management Apps
There are many applications available on Play Store that claim to increase the battery life of Android Phones. However, these apps will not do any good to your battery because it increases the load on the smartphone and forces the device to use more battery power.
5.Outdated Operating System
Every new OS released by smartphone manufacturers usually bring new fixes to the smartphone. Sometimes, updates bring bug fixes that can resolve the battery drain issue. For example, if you are running Android Lollipop, then there are high chances that your Android battery will drain much faster compared to Marshmallow or Nougat. So, if you are running an older version of an Operating system, make sure to update it as soon as possible.
Notifications aren't bad but if your phone constantly vibrates during notifications this can drain your battery.You can simply turn off vibrations and save your battery.
7.Overusing GPS apps
If you're constantly looking things up in Google Maps, then you ought to know that you’re actually giving an app permission to track your location.
We all need the GPS service on our smartphone, but make sure that you aren’t overusing them. Make sure you close the GPS service when you don’t need them
8.Heavy Gaming
If you choose to play all these resource hogging games all the time, you may end up draining your phone’s battery life a lot more quickly.
The best option is to avoid playing games for long periods of time. 
9.Hardware problem
If you have already checked all the other steps and you're still struggling to fix the battery drain problem. Then your phone might have a hardware issue. You can take the phone to a professional technician to fix the phone.
10.Damaged Battery
If your device is a couple of years old or more, then the most obvious reason behind battery draining is a damaged battery. It's the sad truth that your phone’s battery might be simply dying a natural death. Smartphone manufacturers often say that a battery should perform well for up to 1000 charges, however, it depends on many factors. So, the best option is to visit the nearest service center for physical inspection of the battery.
Credit: Naijatechguy


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