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3 Home-made Methods To Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth tend to darken over time. It's almost unavoidable. Even with regular brushing and flossing, it can be hard to avoid the gradual graying the teeth undergo. However, that doesn't mean that you can't get your teeth white again by following these home remedies: Method 1 (Using Baking Soda) Ingredients
*Baking Soda
* lemon Steps
i. Add 1 table spoon baking soda in a bowl
ii. Cut a lemon and squeeze it inside the baking soda
iii. Stir the mixture very well until it turns to paste
iv. Leave it for a minute Then use the mixture to wash your teeth with finger or brush and leave it for about 3 mins before rinsing your mouth with water. Method 2 (Using Hydrogen Peroxide) Ingredients
* Hydrogen Peroxide
*Baking Soda Procedure
1. Mix a spoon of hydrogen peroxide with a spoon of Baking Soda in order to make a paste. 2. Rub the paste on your teeth for about 30 seconds, then rinse well. This method is also good for removing plaque on teeth. Note: Avoid over performing this method i…

5 Natural Remedies To Have Pink Lips

By default, lips are meant to be pink and succulent. You can regain the rosy pink colour of your lips with the help of these home remedies:Remedy 1
* Icing Sugar or Icing Cake
* Honey
* Coconut oilProcedure
1. Pour 1 table spoon of the icing sugar in a bowl
2. Add 1 spoon of honey
3. Add 1 spoon of coconut oil
4. Mix them together
5. Then use mixture to rub your lips and let it stay for like 10 minutes
6. Do this frequently and watch your lips become pinker.Others are;2. Gently scrub with your toothbrush for softer pink lips
A good soft bristled toothbrush scrub can help remove the dry skin around your lips. This will make them look more fresh and vibrant.3. Honey, almond oil and sugar help in getting pink lips
Mix honey, sugar and almond oil together. Massage your lips with this mixture for ten minutes on a daily basis for natural pink lips.4. Turmeric powder and milk gives your lips a pinky shine
This combination is good for overall skin health, and your lips are no exce…

Simple Step To Solve A Cracked Feet Problem

Cracked heels or feet are those tiny lines or small openings at the back of our feet. It is caused by walking or standing too much or lack of moisture in the skin i.e when someone does not drink enough water. Solving Cracked Heels By Using Vaselin Ingredients
* Vaseline
* Lime Procedure
1. Scoop 2 spoons of vaselin, 2. Cut 2 limes and squeeze its liquid into the vaselin, 3. Stir them very well, 4. Then take some of the mixture and rub gently on your cracked heels for like 5 minutes before going to bed every day. 5. Perform this experiment for 4 days and notice your cracked heels begin to disappear. You can learn more about treating your cracked heels - We will be glad if you have any method to treat cracked feet you wish to share with us?
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