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Cracked heels or feet are those tiny lines or small openings at the back of our feet. It is caused by walking or standing too much or lack of moisture in the skin i.e when someone does not drink enough water. Solving Cracked Heels By Using Vaselin Ingredients * Vaseline * Lime Procedure 1. Scoop 2 spoons of vaselin, 2. Cut 2 limes and squeeze its liquid into the vaselin, 3. Stir them very well, 4. Then take some of the mixture and rub gently on your cracked heels for like 5 minutes before going to bed every day. 5. Perform this experiment for 4 days and notice your cracked heels begin to disappear. 6. You can go to a beauty shop for pedicure. They do these by soaking your leg in semi hot water then using scraper and blade to scrape off the skins on your cracked feet We will be glad if you have any method to treat cracked feet you wish to share with us?
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