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3 Home-made Methods To Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth tend to darken over time. It's almost unavoidable. Even with regular brushing and flossing, it can be hard to avoid the gradual graying the teeth undergo. However, that doesn't mean that you can't get your teeth white again by following these home remedies: Method 1 (Using Baking Soda) Ingredients
*Baking Soda
* lemon Steps
i. Add 1 table spoon baking soda in a bowl
ii. Cut a lemon and squeeze it inside the baking soda
iii. Stir the mixture very well until it turns to paste
iv. Leave it for a minute Then use the mixture to wash your teeth with finger or brush and leave it for about 3 mins before rinsing your mouth with water. Method 2 (Using Hydrogen Peroxide) Ingredients
* Hydrogen Peroxide
*Baking Soda Procedure
1. Mix a spoon of hydrogen peroxide with a spoon of Baking Soda in order to make a paste. 2. Rub the paste on your teeth for about 30 seconds, then rinse well. This method is also good for removing plaque on teeth. Note: Avoid over performing this method i…

18 Common Road Signs That Most Motorists Don’t Know Their Meanings

Road traffic signs serve several purposes: some road signs are placed on roads to point out directions to motorists; some are placed there to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians; some are there to give us an idea of what to expect ahead of us, etc. 1. PED Xing
This sign is one of the most confusing road signs that motorists come across in Nigeria. However, it is better understood when represented in its pictorial form. It actually means, “Pedestrian crossing”. This sign is often placed ahead of or near zebra crossings.

2. No Entry/ Do Not Enter
This signs is used to indicate that there is no entry for vehicular traffic. It is placed at the exit of some roads to inform motorist that they cannot drive into that road. It is often used at intersections to roads with one-way traffic.

3. No Stopping
A ‘No Stopping’ sign instructs motorists to keep moving and must not stop at any time, not for a minute, not for a second, not for a jiffy, on the road or in an area to which the ‘No St…

10 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Drains Quickly

Depending on how you use your phone, an average smartphone battery usually lasts 8-9 hours but a lot of things can actually drain your battery very quickly. 1.Bright Screen This is the number one reason why smartphone’s battery nowadays doesn’t last long. If you set your screen brightness too high, then you are actually killing your smartphone’s battery unknowingly.
Turn your screen brightness to the minimum or set it to automatic mode. This will probably help you save some precious battery power and save your poor eyes from strain. 2.Wi-Fi If your phone is constantly searching for available WiFi networks then it can use up a lot of power. If you don’t need a WiFi network then simply turn it off. 3.Background Apps
Apps running in the background can drain your battery in no time. Make you check the settings menu and disable all the running apps. 4.Battery Management Apps
There are many applications available on Play Store that claim to increase the battery life of Android Phones. However,…

10 Causes Of Male Infertility

Male infertility refers to a male's inability to cause pregnancy in a fertile female. In humans it accounts for 40–50% of infertility. It affects approximately 7% of all men.  The following are the common causes of Infertility in males: 1.Sperm delivery trouble There are a number of things that can keep sperm from getting to its destination. Premature ejaculation, a blockage in the testicles, a varicocele (a blockage in the tube coming out of the testicle that delivers sperm) and even a blockage of the vas deferens can all cause problems with sperm getting where it needs to be. 2. Health and lifestyle concerns Obesity, alcohol use, improper nutrition and smoking can all impact your fertility to varying degrees. 3. Drug use or abuse Some drugs can impair fertility, even if they help with some other health concern. Abuse of drugs, especially anabolic steroids and opiates, have also been linked to infertility in men. 4. Environmental factors Exposure to chemicals such as pesticides or t…

7 Things Every Man Must Know Before He Clocks 40 

This article points out every thing men need to know before becoming a quadragenarian.  1. It is the Beginning of the rest of your life. According to the latest WHO data published in 2015, life expectancy in Nigeria is: Male 53.4. It’s safe to say it’s the start of the remaining half. By this time you should draw a map of how you want your retirement to be. 2. Have a business alongside job: It doesn’t matter if you work as the CEO of Chevron Nig., your business is your physical, financial and intellectual property. You’d retire from government/public job someday but your business is your legacy. One you can fix your children into her board of directors when old age sets in. Learn from Baba Davido. 3. Write your will:  Yes, your will. I’m not wishing you dead neither am I wishing you bad. It doesn’t matter if your life savings is 1 naira, get yourself a good and affordable lawyer and pen it down. 4. Be close to your kids:  At this …

6 Foods You Shouldn’t Keep In Your Freezer

There are certain foods that shouldn’t be kept in the freezer as this can lead to the growth of bacteria or even health risks. Potatoes Potatoes have a high water content, so after being stored in the freezer, you could be left with a mushy, soft potato. Potatoes are best kept in a cool, dry place. If you really want to freeze them, you should try cooking them first. Fried foods Foods that were fried will lose their crunchy taste if you put the leftovers in the freezer. The best advice is to eat all of your fried food in one go or fry the ones you can eat. Eggs in their shell You should never keep eggs that are still in their eggs in the freezer. The water content inside the egg expands when frozen, which can cause the outer shell to crack and be vulnerable to bacteria. If you want to freeze your eggs, always take them out of the shell, mix until well blended and put in the freezer. Cooked rice and pasta Freezing cooked rice and pasta is never a good idea. It becomes mushy flavourless. I…

Do You Know The 7 Must-check Parts When Buying A Used Car?

If you are interested in buying a pre-owned car, read this article to know 5 parts to check before reaching your wallet. 1. Check the exterior When buying a used car, you need to pay attention to its exterior and this part is also the first thing that appears in our eyes. You should make sure that the vehicle is parked in a well lit space so you can check the exterior more easily and carefully. 2. Front fascia:
Look at the fender and check if it was replaced. If there are any signs of a new fender, it could indicate that the car has been wrecked. 3. Paint:
Check for any rust, dents or scratches carefully because these parts are usually repainted to hide the car‘s shabbiness and deterioration. 4. Tires:
The car tires should be in an acceptable status for using. If not, you will have to spend some more money on the replacement.  5. Trunk:
If a car was properly maintained, its trunk would be in a good condition. So check the trunk to know how the previous owner treated his/her car.  6. Inte…

3 Signs That You Would Financially Successful 

I have seen a majority of people with the traits I am about to list become successful. So if you can pick some few points, apply it to your life, you will surely be on the path to success. What are these traits? You have several Financially Successful people as Friends There is no way you’d be among people who are financially successful, and not become one. A few years back as a broke personality roaming the streets of Lagos, I finally met a top Affiliate Marketer via this forum. We became close and started relating on a whole new level. I didn’t want money, all I wanted was knowledge. It was hard to make him give me the knowledge (though I had to pay for it), but that is what puts food on my table till date. I have made millions from gross commissions in Affiliate marketing, and I am not stopping anytime soon. If you want to be rich, you mingle with the rich and know what they know. 1. You run with Ideas
Running with Ideas mean implementation of ideas that you conceived or someone told…

5 Tips To Being The Perfect Boss

Below are top 5 qualities that make a perfect boss. 1. Listen
A good boss listens to what his team has to say because great ideas, insights and perspectives don’t just come from one place but from anywhere. Therefore, he is open to the contributions of other people. Most of the contributions given by his team might not be fully formed yet and that is where his years of experience or expertise comes in to play. To fine-tune these ideas and eventually make them better. Better still, make contributions to ideas raised than will encourage a good outcome. 2. Delegate wisely
The key to leadership success is to learn to effectively delegate both the responsibility for completing assignments and the authority required to get things done. Many bosses feel that they need to control every little thing that their employees do. If you feel they are not good enough, then why hire them? Entrust your team will the ability to bring out the best possible result. They will respect you for that. 3. Communi…

5 Natural Remedies To Have Pink Lips

By default, lips are meant to be pink and succulent. You can regain the rosy pink colour of your lips with the help of these home remedies:Remedy 1
* Icing Sugar or Icing Cake
* Honey
* Coconut oilProcedure
1. Pour 1 table spoon of the icing sugar in a bowl
2. Add 1 spoon of honey
3. Add 1 spoon of coconut oil
4. Mix them together
5. Then use mixture to rub your lips and let it stay for like 10 minutes
6. Do this frequently and watch your lips become pinker.Others are;2. Gently scrub with your toothbrush for softer pink lips
A good soft bristled toothbrush scrub can help remove the dry skin around your lips. This will make them look more fresh and vibrant.3. Honey, almond oil and sugar help in getting pink lips
Mix honey, sugar and almond oil together. Massage your lips with this mixture for ten minutes on a daily basis for natural pink lips.4. Turmeric powder and milk gives your lips a pinky shine
This combination is good for overall skin health, and your lips are no exce…

10 Safety Tips To Observe When Driving In The Rain

The raining season is about to commence. So, what are we to expect? According to the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet), Nigeria will experience the heaviest rainfall in our national history in 2018. NiMet specifically predicted that there would be 60% chances of more rains in 2018. So, Nigerians are expected to brace up for a lot of downpours and its attendant inconveniences. 1. Turn on your headlights Turning on your headlights in the rain helps with visibility. It  makes it easier for you to see things ahead of you. It also makes other motorists to see you. This way, accidents can be avoided.  So, no matter what time, whether it daytime or night time, always have your headlight on when you are driving in the rain. 2. Be careful, brakes can be affected by water Under rainy or very wet conditions, your brake might not function as effectively as it used to. In addition, water can reduce the friction between the ground and your tyres. In other words, brakes are not too reliable unde…

7 Things You Should Not Tell Your Partner About Yourself

Of course every relationship should be built on trust but there is a limit to openness and there exist things that your partner does not really need to know about. Somethings are truly better left unsaid and here are 7 times when it’s OK to not be open with your partner if you don’t feel like it. 1. Your sexual history For real, not many boyfriends/girlfriends want to hear the step by step narration and graphic details of how you had sex in a bathroom stall at the mall with your ex or some random babe. 2. Your body count As we already discussed in detail here, for the ladies, only your doctor and gynecologist deserves this information. 3. That someone at work [or anywhere] has a crush on you Really, this is literally opening the door for problems no one wants. Here’s the thing about revealing this information – you put your partner in a position to have his imagination roam and become paranoid. 4. That you have a crush on someone else Being genuinely in love with a man or woman does not …

10 Ways To Avoid Extravagant Spending

If you spend excessively and you want to put an end to it, then this post is definitely for you! 1. Inculcate discipline: Discipline is act of the doing the right thing at the right time. It is synonymous to self control. Being disciplined is the surest way to cut down excessive spending. Discipline entails being able to spend in a wise and rational way without anyone compelling you to. 2. Prepare meals yourself: Meals prepared at home are very cheap compared to meals that one buys at a cafeteria or at a restaurant though they might be tastier. However, as time goes on you will certainly improve- Cooking is an art that’s perfected day after day. 3. Have a plan … A budget: A budget is itemized summary of intended expenditure usually coupled with expected revenue. An expenditure is an amount of money to be spent while a revenue is a source of income. When making a budget, your intended expenditure must be lesser than the expected revenue so as to cater for contingencies that may arise…

7 Ways To Create A Captivating Contents

When you are not converting leads into sales then your contents is useless. If you can’t convert leads into sales then all the traffic in the world can’t help you either. 1. Know your audience
How well do you think you know your audience? Their needs, demographics, hang out, values, what makes them happy and sad etc.
All the successful businesses are relied upon their ability to satisfy the needs of their customers. If you can do this, you will succeed in no time. But if you can’t, it’s going to be very difficult. Audience should be a starting point of any business strategy. Content marketing is no different. If you want to boost your conversion rate you have to know the people you are trying to convert. 2. Choose a relevant topic. The secret of effective and efficiency content marketing depends in creating content which is useful and relevant to your audience or customer. The more useful and relevant your content is, the more engaged your customer will be, the more they will like and …

4 Simple Steps To Boost Your Internet Connection

You can enhance your internet experience by following some extremely basic steps. Continue reading to realize that how you can accelerate your 3G internet connection. 1. Download Puffin web browser Puffin Browser is the fastest and less data consuming browser. It is extraordinary compared to other internet browsers available for Android. It can synchronize over numerous devices for a consistent web experience. It likewise recalls every one of your passwords and bookmarks. Be that as it may, Chrome takes up a great deal of space too. So I’m going to suggest a service that offers memory saving, for example, the Opera Max. With its third party VPN benefit, you will have the capacity to save data via social media browsing, video and audio playback, and any other things also on Opera browser you can save battery usage by clicking on the battery saver on the menu. In addition, it likewise monitors your applications, to see which application is consuming the most data and deals with your dat…

3 Home remedies To Treat Oily Skin

Oily skin is the result of the overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands. These glands are located under the skin's surface.
Below are steps to reduce oily face: Honey For skincare, honey is a very important natural agent, with its antibacterial and antiseptic abilities, honey is great for oily and acne-prone skin. Honey helps in keeping the skin moist and it is a natural humectants and humectants helps to draw moisture from the skin without replacing it. How to Use: Apply a thin layer of raw oil onto the face and leave it for about 15mins to dry, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Tomatoes As funny as it may seem, tomatoes aren’t only for stomach consumption but can be used as acne home remedy as it contains salicylic. The salicylic acid in tomatoes helps to absorb excess skin oil and also unclog pores. How to Use: Add 1 teaspoon of sugar to the pulp of 1 tomato, apply to the face to from a mask, leave the mask on for 5mins, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and…

7 Reasons Why Some Upcoming Artiste Will Remain Upcoming

1) Most upcoming artiste do not make proper use of their social media handle  As an upcoming artiste, your social media account is one of the easiest ways of communicating with your fans. You need to put content on it everyday. If you are going to the toilet, take a picture. If you are going to the bar, do a little video. If you are bouyant enough, give away something tangible  2) Most upcoming artiste do not attend shows  If you are an upcoming artiste and you are not attending shows, you will forever remain upcoming (Not a curse though but harsh reality). I mean, get off that your lazy bed, attach yourself to a DJ, beg him to tag along when he has shows and do your thing at his shows (Simple). Another thing you could do is also to buy tickets to shows (regular). Find your way back stage, before they start the show proper, beg them to allow you do your thing. Record label owners, promoters are listening and if they can see the confidence in you and how the crowd accept your music, m…

4 Things That Can Stop Your Financial Progress

Several millionaires who have written several books have written about it, and I am just trying to highlight it once more to those who may not have had any opportunity to read such books.
Are you looking for the reasons why you would remain financially average? See them below 1. Single Source of Income If a politician who earns millions still has the vision to setup several establishments that would help rake in money, what about you who earns some few thousands on monthly basis? Rich people become rich by spending their wealth to open other sources of income. Poor people remain poor by protecting their money and buying things for pleasure. 60% of the Nigerian population belongs to the former. They are cold feet to invest in profitable ventures. The reason for this leads us to reason number 2 that will hold you from becoming rich. 2. Fear of failure Thomas Edison said he hasn’t failed 10,000 times, he only found 10,000 ways that won’t work. The fear of losing money makes average peop…

5 Vehicle Parts That Easily Get Damaged By Potholes And Ways You Can Protect Them

Potholes are road imperfections that occur when soil compacted beneath pavement becomes weakened.  Here are parts of your vehicle that easily get damaged by potholes: 1) Tires
Tires are meant to be the only part of your car that touches the road, so it isn’t a surprise that they’re prone to pothole damage like sidewall bulges, tread separation or flats. This is because potholes often have a hard edge that compresses the tire against the wheel on impact, slicing the rubber that hold a tire together. 2) Wheels
Hard angles in potholes apply impact force to wheels in ways they weren’t designed to handle, leading to bends or cracks. A bent wheel won’t roll smoothly and may not be able to form an airtight seal with a tire. Bent wheels can sometimes be repaired, but cracked wheels can fail catastrophically and must be replaced entirely. 3) Suspension
They are designed to absorb impacts and provide a smooth ride.Sudden bump against potholes can cause variety of suspension problems like misalignm…

4 Simple Businesses That Can Give You Financial Freedom This Year

I have compiled 4 online business ideas for those with low startup capital. These ideas can be brought to reality with just your Phone and Internet connection. 1. Start an Online Store This is one business idea that has makes Thousands of Naira on a monthly basis. The reason is that I don’t bother selling my own product, I only sell what others have created, and make my money via juicy commissions in dollars. This is one of the online business ideas with low startup cost, and one of the most lucrative. If you don’t have a product (like I don’t have), with no idea on how to get, then I will show you how I make thousands of Naira without having my own product. If you don’t have an online store, it would cost just a little to set up for yourself. If you don’t have the cash, then you can follow my secret method which you can get for almost free and take all the profit for yourself without spending a dime. Open sources like WIX, Wordpress can also be of help when trying to design an onlin…

The 4 Sunnah Of Doing Business Every Muslim Merchants Must Know

We can sum up the teachings of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) with regard to doing business, buying and selling, as follows:  1. The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) used to bargain with people when buying, but he would not go so far as to undermine the real value of the item. It was narrated that Suwayd ibn Qays said: Makhramah al-‘Abdi and I brought some garments from Hajar to Makkah. The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) came to us on foot and bargained with us for some trousers, and we sold them to him  Narrated by at-Tirmidhi (1305) – he said: it is hasan saheeh. Also narrated by Abu Dawood (3336), an-Nasaa’i (4592) and Ibn Maajah (2220). 
2. The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) used to urge people to give a little more when weighing.  It was narrated that Suwayd ibn Qays said: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) saw a man who weighed things for a fee and the Mes…

7 Websites You Can Sell Your Photos

There are many popular stock photo website on the internet you can start earning from. These sites accept the photos of both amateurs and professionals alike. If you’re an amateur photographer, sites like Dreamstime, Shutterstock amd iStock photos are good for you. But if you’re a professional photographer and you’re confident of your skills, you should check out Getty Images or Corbis.  1. Shutterstock
This is one of the most famous stock photo sites in the world. Shutterstock allows you to determine the rights on your photos so that your rights can be protected, and also gives you credit for the photos you upload. 2. Fotolai
Run by Adobe, Fotolia has been in existence for over 10 years and is one of the earliest photo-selling websites. When you upload your photos to Fotolia, they become part of Adobe stock so that they are available in Adobe applications. This makes it easier for buyers to make purchase. 3. BlueMelon
This stock photo site allows you to integrate your blog or social me…

5 Money Mights Everyone Should Know

Money myths are simply false beliefs or ideas that have been widely held about money. 1. Higher quality means higher cost. This is a myth that increasingly robs Nigerians of their hard earned money. Although higher quality may sometime equate to higher cost, that’s not the case 90% of the time. Have you ever wondered what makes people increasingly believe that they get higher value for higher cost, inadequate information about a product of lesser cost does. The fear that a product of lesser cost will not stand the test of time makes people opt-in for that of higher cost. Getting ahead financially demands that you don’t pay extra or twice the original cost for anything you need because you are not well informed. 2. Spend more on making more money. This could be much considered as a bad habit than a belief. It underscores the fact that “people are broke because they act the way they do”. Sit back and analyze the effect of your lifestyle on your income, how damaging is it?. On the other h…

Simple Step To Solve A Cracked Feet Problem

Cracked heels or feet are those tiny lines or small openings at the back of our feet. It is caused by walking or standing too much or lack of moisture in the skin i.e when someone does not drink enough water. Solving Cracked Heels By Using Vaselin Ingredients
* Vaseline
* Lime Procedure
1. Scoop 2 spoons of vaselin, 2. Cut 2 limes and squeeze its liquid into the vaselin, 3. Stir them very well, 4. Then take some of the mixture and rub gently on your cracked heels for like 5 minutes before going to bed every day. 5. Perform this experiment for 4 days and notice your cracked heels begin to disappear. You can learn more about treating your cracked heels - We will be glad if you have any method to treat cracked feet you wish to share with us?

6 Ways To Assess The Success Of A Business Plan

After fulfilling the legal and other obligations required in starting and running a business, an entrepreneur must understand and foresee the future of his/her venture and also plan, lead, create and innovate in order to be able to avert/minimize impending failures. The following are few ways to assess the potentials of your business and determine the best action plan(s) to adopt to forestall failure or achieve success: Acceptance When a product/service is widely accepted as solution to problem, the first hurdle in the business will be behind the entrepreneur. Sometimes a great deal of convincing needs to be done so as to help the potential client understand the propose value inherent in the offering and the importance compared to other existing product/service. Revenue When a business is able to generate revenue to break even and yield profit for its owner, there will be stability in its running and activities. Revenue also gives a business the opportunity of growth, expansion and als…
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