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9 Lucrative Blue-Collar Job You Can Consider

The beauty of blue collar jobs in Nigeria is that you can make money without even getting taxed. I will show you in this post the lucrative blue collar jobs you can engage in as a graduate and make lots of money from it.

 What are the lucrative blue collar jobs in Nigeria this 2018?

1. Selling of Second Hand Wares
After speaking with a young girl who is actively involved in this business, I realized it is a gold mine. Most times when I go to the national stadium in Surulere Lagos, I see rich men selling most of these second-hand clothes. This made me wonder how lucrative it is. The answer I got from such question made me include it in my list. If you have the energy and creativity, then you should consider this as one of the lucrative blue collar jobs in Nigeria you should engage in.

2. Printing and Branding Business 
This requires a little bit of technical expertise. But if you are really interested in entering this business, then I suggest you learn the basics first of all. There are several Churches, Mosques Firms, and Organizations that carry out branding and printing all the time. The returns made by this business are mind-blowing. Flyers, Banners, Books and many others are printed on daily basis. As long as you have the right connects and your hustling game is legit, you are in to make lots of money.

3. Barbing 
Location is very crucial when it comes to this business. The secret to making money from this business is to know the right set of people. You might not even have a shop, as most rich clients prefer home service. I know a young guy who makes 20k every week, just going from house to house barbing his customers during weekends. It all boils down to your creativity and ability to network like a pro.

4. Travel Agents Show me a broke travel agent, and I will show you a lazy agent. The economic situation in Nigeria is not something to write home about. People are looking forward to moving out of the country, which has made the services of travel agents to be on the increase. This is one of the lucrative blue collar jobs in Nigeria that can make you a millionaire in one swoop. But you should know that experience and connections matters a lot in this job. You must know your way in and out of every embassy. The good news is that you can start from somewhere, and build up your reputation.

5. Drivers
 As a graduate driver some few years back, I made about 13k daily and remitted about 5k to the car owner. I used 5k for fuel the next day, and I pocketed 3k on daily basis. Sunday was an off day, so I collected all the proceeds for that day. Are you still at home as a graduate and thinking of working only for the big firms? This is one of the blue collar jobs in Nigeria that can help your short-term goal – if you are focused and calculative.

6. Hardware Engineers
 A very lucrative blue collar job if you have the right expertise. The secret to making money in this job is to avoid doing what others are doing. A friend moves from school to school submitting proposals on his ability to maintain and repair their computer systems. He currently manages about 7 schools, despite having his workshop somewhere else in town. In few years’ time, he might end up employing graduates like you – who are still waiting for paid employment from someone.

7. Electrical Installers
 As long as houses, churches, and any other kind of buildings are being built, electrical installers keep smiling to the bank. Examples of electrical installations are; CCTV Solar Panel Inverters, etc. The demand is high, but blue collar jobs like this demand a period of training, after which you set up your own workshop with ease. Thereby smiling to the bank at will.

8. Signage
 When you see a signpost with an inscription on it, just know that a signage technician has smiled to the bank already. The average amount for a quality sign post like those in Shoprite, top schools, banks, etc, ranges from 500k to millions. It doesn’t come easily, you would have to put your heads to the ground and learn the trade. This is one blue collar job in Nigeria that has a very high demand.

9. Photography
 This blue-collar job can make you rich and also make you a celebrity in Nigeria. No need to mention names, but captivating shots with the right promotion would make you rich. The key to making this blue-collar job lucrative is to combine excellence with a promotion. There are several ways you can promote your work, an example can be seen by the owner of “” I stopped at 9 on purpose; you can add up others in the comment section. These 10 lucrative blue collar job in Nigeria are waiting for you to explore. There is no shame in making money. We all can’t be white collar jobbers. As long as you put pride aside and be diligent, the sky would be your starting point. 


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