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6 Simple Tactics To Grow Wealth

Realize the need to save money and become rich
If you think that nobody can save money and grow rich, then you haven’t heard about Warren Buffet. He is considered a “Savings Billionaire”. As a financial advisor for my clients, I tell them that you can’t plunge into the muddy waters of investments without having backup savings plans. There are thousands of ways to save money, but there are few ways to save money and become rich.
If you think that saving money is just for poor people, calculate how much time you’ve been a working class person, then you check how much is currently in your account balance. Do the numbers tally?
If No, so who is really the poor person?
A lot of people forget the first rule of business, which is “Pay Yourself First”.
Majority of people spend before saving, which is actually a dangerous path to thread. It should be exactly the opposite.
Avoid the Banks
Did you hear that right? This is one of the simple ways to save money and grow rich. The banks offer you just
- Transaction
- And the Speculative function of money, leaving out the most important part of savings, which is precautionary.
Banks offer you just a token sum of 3.1% to save money (in a savings account untouched) while making monthly deductions that cancels out everything. You can deposit a certain amount in the morning, and withdraw all the same day in the evening. What is now the essence of saving?
The mistake working class people and business people make is trying to believe the banks love them, and this mentality should disappear after reading this post.
Lookout for forced longer-term investment plans
I pitched to a friend the need to start saving to grow rich in 2011, he complained about the length of time he has to keep his money (We had a plan of 6 years) and he declined the offer. He has worked for seven years with an account balance of just 250k, and maybe you should help calculate how much I saved up within such period (I already used my proceeds on an asset with other cash back to my savings).
I work in a financial house, and I have seen young people become millionaires just by carefully saving monthly for few years, while others who claim they wanted to invest ended up doing nothing.
Investment plans of 6years, and 9 years for young working-class people, newly wedded, and young mothers who are planning their children education should be critically considered.
Most of these investments plans actually come with a form of protection should in case the breadwinner of the family dies. This is why I recommend Insurance Company for your savings.
Have a Single Bank accounts and Multiple Investment accounts
Having a single bank account with multiple investment plans is one of the simple ways to save money and accumulate wealth for your family. Bank accounts expose you to spend more money, while investment plans encourage you to save up for a project.
A client of mine is a Bank Manager, he saves up money every 3 years just to get another piece of landed property – he doesn’t achieve all that with his bank. He patronizes several investment plans that our insurance firm has to offer because he knows exactly what he wants to achieve.
Draw Clear Goals
Having a clear goal of your financial future would help you make plans towards it. As at 2011, I already agreed that if I save 20k for 6 years, I would be a millionaire and invest in my dream business.
What I achieve in 6 years, someone else can achieve in just 3 years. I had smaller financial power, so I made my calculations based on what I could afford.
What are your financial goals, and how can savings help you achieve that? I survived the MMM scare because I had something I fell back to when the cards came crashing.
What is your Budget for the Month?
Working with a budget might be what you need to actually make your dreams come to pass. Back then I earned 50k monthly in Lagos, and I realized I had to force myself save 20k monthly (You can also do likewise, just speak to me.) It wasn’t easy, but I pulled through for 6 years. Even after I had a massive pay raise, I left the other as a residual income. It wasn’t much as compared to your imaginations, but others who had worked for the same 6years with such salary like me never had a million naira in their account after 6 years.
I currently have several assets and mind-blowing acct balances, but my spending will always remain frugal because I am just following the steps of Warren Buffet.
Just before you exit the post, always remember the tactics of the rich “Pay Yourself First before Spending”


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