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4 Tips To Help You Become Free Of Every Addiction 

Here are four (4) tips that have been proven time and again to rid anyone from any type of addiction.
1. Determine to be free
The first step on your journey to being free of your addiction is actually taken on the inside. You have to develop a will, find a reason to quit whatever addiction you’re into.
This helps to keep you focused on the task of getting free; as you constantly remind yourself,
“I’m doing this because..” ;
“I’m trying to quit this addiction for __’s sake”
2. Remove all the ‘bridges’
Now that you’ve got the inspiration and determination to be free, the next step is to get rid of all the clutter that creates a suitable environment for you to engage in the activity. For example, if you’re addicted to porn, get rid of all adult magazines and erotic movies. If you surf the web for pornographic content, installing software that block adult sites/adverts is also recommended.
If you’re looking to quit binging, you should get rid of all the liquor around you. Whether natural (e.g fermented fruit sugars) or industrially-prepared.
3. Resist and RESIST
There is no easy way to say this. You’re most likely gonna get withdrawal symptoms. So, you best prepare for them.
This is because your brain has become used to the raised dopamine levels in the body, caused by your indulgence in these activities.
While you wait for your body to adjust to the normal dopamine levels, experts suggest that you engage in a sporting activity. For masturbation addicts, whenever you feel the urge, go for a quick run. This helps you release all the pent-up stress & frustration that may be compelling you to masturbate.
However, for drug & substance addicts, the next tip is probably the best option for you.
4. Confide in someone you trust
A counselor, psychologist, mature mentor or even your best friend will do. We all know the axiom, ‘a problem solved is half-solved’ and can all attest to its truthfulness.
Let someone who loves and cares about you know about your struggle. In doing so, you not only get moral support; you get someone who’ll monitor your progress closely, and correct you with love.
Credit: Lemuel Irabor


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