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How To Detect And Remove Calcium Carbide Or Pesticides From Fruits

So I heard it yesterday that Nafdac has prohibited selling of fruits such as banana, mango and so on ripened with calcium carbide (Cac2).

The reason for this is because Cac2 when mixed with moisture or water gives off acetylene gas and traces of phosphorus and arsenic which are hamful to man when consumed.

Harmful effects of Calcium Carbide
1. It can cause cancer.
2. Dizziness and stomach pains.
3. Sleepiness and mental confusion.
4. Memory loss

How to detect Cac2 on fruits

1. Light a match stick near the fruit, if it sparks and continue to burn rapidly, note that there is Calcium carbide powder rubbed on the fruit.

2. If the fruit or banana looks so ripe and fine without any blackspot, note that it's ripened with calcium carbide.

How to remove calcium carbide on pesticides on fruits

1. Wash your fruits inside a mixture of salt water before consuming, or

2. According to research

Using cold water to rinse your fruits before consuming, is highly effective and will remove…

Quick Step To Grow Hair In Any Part Of Your Skin

Growing Hair With Onion As the sub-title suggest, I will be showing you how to grow hair in any part of your body be it a bald head, beards, side burns, mustache or what have you by just using onion. Ingredients
*  Onion * Castor Oil or honey Procedure 1. Cut and grind one or two onion bulbs in a blender, 2. Add 3 tea spoon of castor oil, 3. Stir the mixture together. 4. Then apply it 3 times in a week for 2 months and watch your hair grow in that region. Note: 1. You might have to perform these steps multiple times in those two months since the grinded onion might start giving bad smell after some time. 2. Eating eggs is also a relevant way to grow natural hair. To learn more about growing your hair - We will be glad to know if you have any other tips for growing hair.
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