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Story: The Tale Of Three Trees

Once there were three trees on a hill in the woods.  They were were discussing their hopes and dreams when the first tree said, "Someday I hope to be a treasure chest.  I could be filled with gold, silver and precious gems.  I could be decorated with intricate carving and everyone would see the beauty."
Then the second tree said, "Someday I will be a mighty ship.  I will take kings and queens across the waters and sail to the corners of the world.  Everyone will feel safe in me because of the strength of my hull." 
Finally the third tree said, "I want to grow to be the tallest and straightest tree in the forest. People will see me on top of the hill and look up to my branches, and think of the heavens and God and how close to them I am reaching. I will be the greatest tree of all time and people will always remember me."
After a few years of praying that their dreams would come true, a group of woodsmen came upon the trees.   When one came to the first t…

4 Tips To Help You Become Free Of Every Addiction 

Here are four (4) tips that have been proven time and again to rid anyone from any type of addiction. 1. Determine to be free
The first step on your journey to being free of your addiction is actually taken on the inside. You have to develop a will, find a reason to quit whatever addiction you’re into. This helps to keep you focused on the task of getting free; as you constantly remind yourself, “I’m doing this because..” ; “I’m trying to quit this addiction for __’s sake” 2. Remove all the ‘bridges’
Now that you’ve got the inspiration and determination to be free, the next step is to get rid of all the clutter that creates a suitable environment for you to engage in the activity. For example, if you’re addicted to porn, get rid of all adult magazines and erotic movies. If you surf the web for pornographic content, installing software that block adult sites/adverts is also recommended. If you’re looking to quit binging, you should get rid of all the liquor around you. Whether natural (…

10 Simple Steps To Study And Make Good Grades – Tips For Average Students 

1. Find your motivation
No one would tell you, but this should be your first step before picking up your books to study. Motivation is the only force that would make you focus on what you intend reading. I attended a private university – so expensive, and I felt I wouldn’t want to let my parents’ money go to waste. That was the motivation that propelled me, and other tips only helped me read the right way. There are so many other forces that could serve as your motivation; - Fear of failure
- Competition from your peers
- Prospect of landing a great job with your good result
- Bragging rights
- Rewards from parents Whatever would make you become motivated to read, just find it. No matter how boring the course might seem, your motivation would make it look attractive to you. 2. Keep Yourself Organized
I don’t read till about 3 weeks to the exam, then I bring out the reading beast in me. This is why I intend to show you the best ways to study. Being organized would help you stick to yo…

6 Live Saving Tips To Survive A Plane Crash

So you have a few minutes to decide what to do before a plane crash? Excellent! I say 'excellent' because you have a viable chance to save your life, an experience that has cheated many others from survival. 1. Remove everything sharp from your pockets. Loosen your belt and remove your tie or scarf. Remove high heeled shoes. Take glasses off for landing so they don't fly off so are available to help you see your way out if you need them. 2. Know where your closest exit is and a backup for the type of landing... some exits can't be used in water landings. Count the number of rows to those exits and try to identify any protrusions that you might use to find them if the cabin is full of smoke. 3. Stay in your seat until instructed. Do not open a door or window exit without direct instructions from a flight attendant. 4. Have a piece of cloth (preferably damp) to assist in breathing if there is smoke. If there is smoke during evacuation, stay as low as possible. 5. Follow…

How To Detect And Remove Calcium Carbide Or Pesticides From Fruits

So I heard it yesterday that Nafdac has prohibited selling of fruits such as banana, mango and so on ripened with calcium carbide (Cac2).

The reason for this is because Cac2 when mixed with moisture or water gives off acetylene gas and traces of phosphorus and arsenic which are hamful to man when consumed.

Harmful effects of Calcium Carbide
1. It can cause cancer.
2. Dizziness and stomach pains.
3. Sleepiness and mental confusion.
4. Memory loss

How to detect Cac2 on fruits

1. Light a match stick near the fruit, if it sparks and continue to burn rapidly, note that there is Calcium carbide powder rubbed on the fruit.

2. If the fruit or banana looks so ripe and fine without any blackspot, note that it's ripened with calcium carbide.

How to remove calcium carbide on pesticides on fruits

1. Wash your fruits inside a mixture of salt water before consuming, or

2. According to research

Using cold water to rinse your fruits before consuming, is highly effective and will remove…

Quick Step To Grow Hair In Any Part Of Your Skin

Growing Hair With Onion As the sub-title suggest, I will be showing you how to grow hair in any part of your body be it a bald head, beards, side burns, mustache or what have you by just using onion. Ingredients
*  Onion * Castor Oil or honey Procedure 1. Cut and grind one or two onion bulbs in a blender, 2. Add 3 tea spoon of castor oil, 3. Stir the mixture together. 4. Then apply it 3 times in a week for 2 months and watch your hair grow in that region. Note: 1. You might have to perform these steps multiple times in those two months since the grinded onion might start giving bad smell after some time. 2. Eating eggs is also a relevant way to grow natural hair. To learn more about growing your hair - We will be glad to know if you have any other tips for growing hair.

9 Lucrative Blue-Collar Job You Can Consider

The beauty of blue collar jobs in Nigeria is that you can make money without even getting taxed. I will show you in this post the lucrative blue collar jobs you can engage in as a graduate and make lots of money from it.

What are the lucrative blue collar jobs in Nigeria this 2018?

1. Selling of Second Hand Wares
After speaking with a young girl who is actively involved in this business, I realized it is a gold mine. Most times when I go to the national stadium in Surulere Lagos, I see rich men selling most of these second-hand clothes. This made me wonder how lucrative it is. The answer I got from such question made me include it in my list. If you have the energy and creativity, then you should consider this as one of the lucrative blue collar jobs in Nigeria you should engage in.

2. Printing and Branding Business 
This requires a little bit of technical expertise. But if you are really interested in entering this business, then I suggest you learn the basics first of all. There are…

13 Intetesting Facts About Farting You Need To Know

Farting is usually considered to be the most shameful or humorous function of the body. Everyone farts but have we ever taken a moment to think about the science and history behind it? . 1. Females tend to fart less than males.
2. First used in 1962, fart means the wind coming out of the anus. Pretty apt don’t you think?
3. A normal human being will fart over a dozen times every day.
4. And the air they produce can be used to blow up one balloon.
5. Fart is flammable Yes, you can light a fart on fire Because flatulence is partly composed of flammable gases like methane and hydrogen, it can be briefly set on fire. We don't recommend it, because of the risk of injury, but if you have to see it.
6. Don’t ever be embarrassed about a fart because it is actually an indication of good health. If your digestive system is working as it should, you will fart. If you feel like you haven’t been farting lately, it is best to get a medical opinion.
7. The main component of a fart is hydrogen sulfide which…

4 Work Place Politics You Should Know About

Today, I want to share with you just four out of the many workplace politics and how you can manage them so you don't get burnt.  - The Politics of Degrees/Institution
In this kind of politics, people form cliques according to the kind of University they attended or what they graduated with. In this kind, people who graduated from private universities always move and do things together while those who studied abroad also form cliques. Even those who graduated from government owned institutions go as far as forming cliques according to the ranking of their institution according to National University Commission or any other recognized bodies. And when these cliques are formed, individuals tend to do things to favour members of their cliques which is why qualified staffs outside cliques are robbed of things like promotion into key positions.  - The Politics of Numbers 
You will be lying to yourself if you believe that most staffs in your workplace are not engaging in company racket…

6 Simple Tactics To Grow Wealth

Realize the need to save money and become rich
If you think that nobody can save money and grow rich, then you haven’t heard about Warren Buffet. He is considered a “Savings Billionaire”. As a financial advisor for my clients, I tell them that you can’t plunge into the muddy waters of investments without having backup savings plans. There are thousands of ways to save money, but there are few ways to save money and become rich. If you think that saving money is just for poor people, calculate how much time you’ve been a working class person, then you check how much is currently in your account balance. Do the numbers tally? If No, so who is really the poor person? A lot of people forget the first rule of business, which is “Pay Yourself First”. Majority of people spend before saving, which is actually a dangerous path to thread. It should be exactly the opposite. Avoid the Banks
Did you hear that right? This is one of the simple ways to save money and grow rich. The banks offer you jus…

3 Ways To Charm Your Way To The Top At Your Workplace

- Study People 
The step to a successful charming adventure is to know the makeup of the people you intend to charm. Not all charms will work for everyone. For example, you can't charm me with alcohol neither can you charm me with flattering. I'm my own motivator. Some people can be charmed with flattering, some can be charmed with respect (by doing yes sir, yes Ma to them), some can be charmed by your beauty or handsomeness while some can be charmed by your intelligence. You should be able to study people at your workplace most especially those at the top. Every human has one charming ability or the other. Some people's own are their innocent looks while some can charm you with their pseudo Humility. You should understand what works for them and use it against them.  - Understand Your Ability 
Naturally, I look very calm and reserved and I know that as one of my charms, what's yours? Yours can be your dedication to things. Naturally, you always find yourself giving y…

5 Simple Tips To Having A Great Skin

Eat fruit and vegetables daily
Fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help to protect skin from damage. You should eat fruit and vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin. They are important for normal skin cell development and healthy skin tone. Healthy fat
Healthy fats found in avocados, oily fish, nuts and seeds provide essential fatty acids which act as a natural moisturiser for the skin, keeping it supple and improving elasticity. These fats also come packaged with a healthy dose of vitamin E which will help protect against damage. Consume enough vitamin C
Vitamin C is needed to support the immune system, promote radiant skin and help blemishes heal properly. The best sources of vitamin C are blackcurrants, blueberries, guava, kiwi fruits, oranges, pawpaw and strawberries. Vitamin C is needed to produce collagen that strengthens the capillaries that supply the skin. Drink eight glasses of water every day
Know that mild dehydration causes your skin to look …

Top 5 Secrets Of First Class Students

NATURAL BRILLIANCE: There is a minimum level of natural brilliance that is required before a student can think of First Class. I do not intend to put limit to one’s capabilities, for I believe like most people that impossible is nothing. However, realistically speaking, that is an exception to the rule. Most First Class students have a track record from lower levels of education. That is the first foundation. 2, THE POWER OF DREAM: Most first class students dream. I do not mean metaphysical dream, I mean the Luther King definition – vision, forward-looking, even though awake. In secondary school I had a friend who once looked up and said, ‘the last time someone made an aggregate 6 (i.e minimum of 6 A1’s in SSCE) in this school was 12 years ago, I want to be the next’. He made it. Same boy told me he wanted to ‘enter the back of JAMB brochure’, meaning he wanted to be among the top 3 JAMB students in Nigeria (JAMB print at the back of the brochure for a year the names of the best 3 …

The 9 Richest Countries of The World

1. Qatar — GDP per capita: $129,726 (£105,791)
The small Middle Eastern country often ranks as one of the richest countries in the world per capita. Qatar’s population is approximately 2.27 million, giving it a total GDP of approximately $124,930 per person and making it the richest country in world as of 2017, according to the IMF. The country has grown despite facing lower prices for hydrocarbon, a major revenue source for Qatar, which is used for fuel. 5. Brunei — GDP per capita: $79,710 (£65,003)
While Brunei’s GDP growth declined in 2016, the country actually faired better than expected, according to the IMF. The wealthy country, which is made up of just over 400,000 people, has seen success in adjusting to downturns in the oil market, despite it being a main export of Brunei. Nearly 90% of Brunei’s revenue came from oil and gas, in 2014 the latest figure from the IMF. 2. Luxembourg — GDP per capita: $101,936 (£83,128)
Luxembourg, with a population of close to 600,000 ranks as t…

6 Great Reasons Why You Should Wake Early

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
     – Ben Franklin1. Less Missed Workouts. Waking up early in the morning will prevent you missing Training. 2. More Productivity. Most successful people are early risers. One reason is that you get more done if you wake up early. 3. Less Stress. How you lead your life the 1st hour after you wake up sets the trend. You’ll be amazed at how more positive your day will become by waking up early. 4. Sometimes More Free Time. Start your workday earlier and you’ll end it earlier. 5. You’ve Got A Competitive Edge. Waking up at the crack of dawn means you’re ahead. While your competitors are still snoring and switching off their snooze buttons, you’re already firing off emails. You’re making a great start!6. You Become Disciplined. Waking up earlier promotes self-mastery and discipline. The more you wake up earlier, the more you’ll be able to master various other parts of your life.Others are:
7. You get to work, interv…

5 Dental Health Mistakes You Should Stop Now

1. Using Mouthwash
Despite what a lot of advertising would have you believe, mouthwash actually isn’t all that great for your dental hygiene.It disturbs the natural flora in your mouth and can even be drying, thus promoting the growth of the very bacteria you’re trying to kill!In fact, you want to nourish and promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth for great breath, cavity prevention, and even overall health.Ever heard of taking probiotics for gut health? The same principle applies for your mouth.If you’ve been using mouthwash for a long time or have taken antibiotics at any point in your life (that’s most of us!)you can help restore this balance by including probiotic-rich foods in your diet like cheese and taking a probiotic supplement.2. Brushing Too HardHarder isn’t better when it comes to brushing. In fact, if you brush your teeth too hard, you could be causing damage to your mouth, specifically, your gums.
When you brush your teeth too hard, your gums will begin to re…

Ways To Make Money Genuinely As An African Student 

1.BloggingBlogging is great business that pulls in much income. Anyone can profit through blogging and undergraduates are not optional. At the comfort of your home, you can blog and get paid in your Nigerian account.Most Nigerian student bloggers are not too patient they expect to make money instantly from blogging,but let me tell you my good friend everything good in life comes easy.Blogging requires perseverance,consistency and hardwork. You cant make it once in the twinkle of an eye,God doesn't bless like that.Just find something you are good at and write about it ,if its entertainment,news,education write about it. Dont be a copy and paste blogger sha,Be original,write meaningful things about your passion.The question now is how can you make money from blogging?There are so many of them but it all depends on Your niche. Something that catches your interest and something you have vast knowledge about. So you may wonder how one actually makes money from this. Here are listed way…
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