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Stop Doing These Things If You Want Fantastic Achievements this Year

As we approach the new month that marks the first quarter of the year, it important that you review how you’ve fared in the first two months of the year. Nigeria Online Business has put together a few tips on things you should to stop doing this year if you really want a fabulous year. We hope you learn (or you’re reminded) of these things. 

Stop procrastinating
Do you remember how you were full of hopes as 2017 drew to a close and 2018 came into view? What about all the plans you had for the New Year and how you were excited about the possibilities that lie ahead of you?

The much talked about 2018 is here and it’s already moving swiftly. In a matter of days, one-sixth of the year would be gone. Stop pushing your dreams into the future. What is it that you have planned to achieve? Remind yourself that you need to start working towards them. Do you want to apply for a professional course? Are you planning to start a new business or learn new skills? There’s no better time to begin than now. Just quit procrastinating already!

Stop complaining about your life

Let’s face it: life is full of problems. We all have problems; they may just be in different phases and sizes. Complaining is like a natural programming of, we, Nigerians as we tend to complain about everything. We believe that life has been unfair to us and therefore hold it as our right to vent. 

Nobody is against you venting your frustrations but the burning question is: “when you’re done complaining, does anything change?” Your answer is a good one. 

Ponder on this for a second: if you can change something about your life, why complain about it? On the other hand, if you can’t change something about your life, why complain about it? You should really channel the energy you use in complaining into something more productive. Complaining doesn’t automatically result in a change in experience. 

Stop expecting people to help

You’re on your own; stop expecting someone to share the responsibility for your life. People are content with carrying the load of their responsibilities and don’t need to add your luggage to theirs. 

You must remember that you’re absolutely responsible for your life. If it would be or not; it’s entirely up to you. That family member that you think has the power to make you smile; that long time friend you believe should remember your friendship now that fortune has smiled on him; forget them both and move on.

As a poet once said which former American President re-echoed in his speech, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for and there’s no one else coming.” Face your life and hustle till you succeed. Nothing feels better than a success well deserved. 

Stop wasting your time on social media

We spend too much time on the social media. It has effectively created a way not just to be a part of our day but also to become an addiction.

In a world where there are many social media platforms, it’s easy to get carried away and waste so much time on them. The average individual is on at least three social media platforms and two instant messaging platforms. If that individual spends one hour each on these platforms, that would equal 5 productive hours gulped down by his favourite platforms. 

Those 5 hours can fetch you extra income if you decided to learn a new business model. It can help you get a better job if you spent it hunting. It can help you become a better person if you spent it acquiring new skills. It can help you expand your influence if you spent it forming new relationships. Stop wasting so much time on the social media. 

Stop missing opportunities

In as much as we often crave for opportunities, the sad thing is that we often miss them.


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