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7 Quick Ways to Get Jobs Upon Arrival Into The States

Amazing! You just arrived in the United States of America, ready to live the American dream. Your intention might be to live off your sponsors or get a job to support yourself. But whatever you may have had in mind before coming, getting a job is the best option – an indication that you don’t want to become a liability to anyone. Securing a job in a foreign country, no doubt, won’t be an easy task. Remember you are a foreigner and there would be competition from other job seekers too. But you can stand out and become the preferred candidate. What you need is the right information on how things work. So read the seven ways to secure jobs fast upon arrival into the US.

Be employable (What skill or qualification do you have?)
When you start planning your trip to the US, think of the skill you have or can develop that would enable you to secure a job. You can obtain a degree or learn something. You may decide to develop a skill even though you have a degree. There are many skills to learn; mechanic, fashion design, graphics design, plumbing, and carpentry. In fact, the list is inexhaustible. Just think of something that will make you employable. And build it up to the point where you stand out from the crowd.

The Donald Trump administration is tilting towards an era where highly skilled immigrants will be given more priority to work in the country. It seems like the president is on a mission to reduce the numbers of immigrants and those with no skill would be at the receiving end from the look of things.Most immigrants without skills end up taking menial jobs like the washing of plates, clothes, farming, and so on. So developing yourself before moving down to the US is the best decision.

Get Your Work Permit

It is against the law, no individual or company would want to hire someone in the United States of America without a work permit. So if you don’t have, then securing a job will almost be impossible.So your first target, when you get into the US, is to get your working permit ready. If you are not a citizen or lawful permanent resident, an Employment Authorization Document or working permit is a must-have. It tells your employer that you have right to work in the country. You can do your research to find out how to get it done.

Use your network

If you have friends and families in the USA, then you can use their influence to secure a job. They might have a contact at a company they can refer you to. Even if they don’t, ask them how to go about job hunting in your city of choice. They might have clues that would make things easier for you. If you are settling in New York City, here is an event you could attend to network and develop contacts:   If you don’t have friends or family who abased in the USA, try making new friends through social media. You might be lucky to find immigrants from your home country who are documented. They might help connect you to a job.

USAIG get job support service is another great network to use. They connect immigrants to jobs and offer free screening to make them a good fit. Even if you don’t have a resume, US African Immigrants Gist can assist you to build one. You can submit your resume or fill up the form to get started.

Get Clues

There might be areas where the skill you possess is in high demand. And you don’t need to struggle that much to secure a job in such places. Keep tabs on the US labor market by reading the news and check job search directories. Is an area experiencing a sudden tech boom and you think you would excel in such a place? If yes, then that should be your destination. You can ask your friends and family living in the USA about areas where someone with your skill or qualification would thrive. If your trip has been slated to take place in 3 years time, ask yourself, what skill would be in high demand at that time? Think of a skill you can develop and take action.

Localize your documents

Your resume needs to be perfect and error free. There is going to be a high competition, especially when you are going for a professional job. You might be made to compete with the locals and other immigrants like you who came to the US to search for greener pastures. The words in your resume should match with the local language. For instance, if you are applying for USA jobs, change words like ‘recognise to ‘recognize.’ Edit your resume to eliminate spelling errors like the example stated. Additionally, you might be used to referring to resume as C.V. People in US will hardly understand what you are talking about. Your C.V from Africa is called ‘resume’, and most employer will expect that you have one. 

Apply for jobs before moving

Though not everyone is successful at it, most people secure jobs abroad before traveling. They start applying before leaving their country. Ensure that your Skype skill is exceptional before applying. During the interview, you need to perform like you are having it physically. Remember that your written and oral communication skills must be above average. If not, then do something about it. Your proposed employers will test these skills during the interview. You will need to have excellent communication skills and experience when applying for professional jobs like customer relations and the others in this category.

Pick your dream city

Have a destination you want to base in mind. But if you don’t, then think of any city that you’ll become an asset in because of your skills. Will your background and skill attract potential employers? Will it set you apart from other job seekers? It would be great for you to find out the opportunity that lies in the city or state you plan to base. Find out from people who live there. For instance, if you are a fashion designer, New York is a place you would want to base in. You can design clothes for immigrants like yourself, even if you cannot compete with the fashion heavyweights in the city.

Wrapping it up

Think hard about  securing a job and starting your life as soon as  you arrive into the US. Even if you have friends or family you can depend on, it would be better if you have a job to take care of your expenses. Many immigrants in the US end with menial jobs partly because they didn’t get the right information before embarking on the journey. But these seven tips will help you nail a job faster as you arrive into the US.



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