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10 Quick Steps To Revive A Boring Relationship

There’s nothing so worrisome than having a partner and still feel lonely or bored even when they are around you.

Or that stage in a relationship you almost get tired of your partner and really need some space.

The worst part is not being able to help the situation, because you keep losing interest in each other day by day, but you still want to make things work out because you love and always want your partner around.

A lot of couples have asked this questions so many times and in so many ways and still find it difficult to maintain a relationship with their partners, they always want to be away from each other because they can’t find nothing to do together, I want to let you know that there is no specific solution to your boring relationship, but there are things you can do to revive it and rekindle the fire of love between you two, and secondly when it comes to love, you don’t force things to happen, you just let it happen naturally and that’s the best way to LOVE someone.

I’m going to lay down some tricks that have worked for me in reviving my almost dead relationship, it might be the solutions you are looking for, just know that this trick is not a piece of magic but something you have to devote your time in doing all for the sake of your marriage or relationship. 

1.Plan A Trip – Plan a trip to an exciting place. This trick always works, it refreshes us and gives us a new idea and things to talk about, ladies can go on and on and on about this exciting trip they went on and how it felt like their honeymoon all over again, yes it always works like magic don’t neglect the power of changing environment or having an adventure together, it’s a necessity in everyday life apart from relationships, it refreshes our mind, soul and body.

2. Nostalgic Feelings – You might wonder what I’m really talking about. LOL yeah!! I’m talking about that love at first sight feelings. You might want to recreate that feelings all over again, you can take her to that right spot where you met her and try to remember all you said to her before she fell in love with you. This have often times worked a miracle in rekindling the fire of love, it brings back a lot of memories that makes you see the beauty in your partner right-away like sparks of light. Take that trip down your memory lane.

3. Movie – It’s also the best way to relax and get the best of entertainment, you don’t have to sit at home, same cushion, same TV watching some old movie, maybe you need that sparks, that crowd, that bucket of popcorn and a can of diet coke to put you guys back in line.

4. Write A Diary – Remember that diary we always write together with our best friend when we were kids, you can also have fun writing a diary with your partner, about a lot of adventures you had growing up or when you guys met.

5. Dinner with friends – you might have this friend who is also married, with kids maybe or not, you can always have a scheduled dinner with them, call it “Couples Friday Dinner”, it can be hosted at their place or your place, just get together and have a fun time together.

6. Learn Something Together – it’s always fun learning new things with your partner, let’s say you don’t know how to cook as a man, well it’s time to learn how to cook one or two meals from your wife. Let’s say your wife doesn’t know how to do some dirty jobs, work the generator or fix a minor car fault, you can plant an orchard together at your backyard, all for the fun and gain.

7. Visit Your Old Parents – it’s always fun at the village, that stream you fetched water from as a kid, you can go sightseeing, relax with your old parents and feel at home once more.

8. Couples Night Out – There’s always this show going on at one love garden or the other, night of thousand laughs, Friday shows, weekend getaway, there’s a lot happening out there, just get yourself hooked up it worth it.

9. Think About Having Babies – Babies are the light and happiness of every marriage, with no doubt, you should make plans of having babies, they always have a way of bringing the family together and devoted.

10. Always Pray Together – A family that prays together always stays together, without God in your marriage or relationship, you are bound to failure. It’s God that keeps everything in place not I or you. God-Over-Everything #GOE.

Well with all those list up there, you are free to try anyone or all of them. But always have in mind that being devoted is the key to every happy marriage, and always communicate, it’s necessary.



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