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Stop Doing These Things If You Want Fantastic Achievements this Year

As we approach the new month that marks the first quarter of the year, it important that you review how you’ve fared in the first two months of the year. Nigeria Online Business has put together a few tips on things you should to stop doing this year if you really want a fabulous year. We hope you learn (or you’re reminded) of these things. Stop procrastinating
Do you remember how you were full of hopes as 2017 drew to a close and 2018 came into view? What about all the plans you had for the New Year and how you were excited about the possibilities that lie ahead of you?The much talked about 2018 is here and it’s already moving swiftly. In a matter of days, one-sixth of the year would be gone. Stop pushing your dreams into the future. What is it that you have planned to achieve? Remind yourself that you need to start working towards them. Do you want to apply for a professional course? Are you planning to start a new business or learn new skills? There’s no better time to begin than n…

10 Cancer Causing Foods We Should Rarely Eat

What Causes Cancer?Understanding possible causes of cancer comes down to understanding the causes of gene and DNA mutations. Chemicals (like carcinogens), radiation, obesity, hormones, chronic inflammation, smoking, viruses, and a number of other factors have been found to be cancer causing.You can explode that out to many different types of chemicals whether it’s what you put in your body, what you breath, what you eat, radiation from all sources − women from mammograms, from CT scans, from your cell phones, your cell towers, your Wi-Fi. Cancer is caused by chemicals and radiation, period.”If Bob is correct that the primary causes for cancer are chemicals and radiation, then both of these factors can be greatly reduced through the food and lifestyle choices that you makeTop 10 Cancer Causing Foods to Cut Your Cancer Risk in Half-Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs):
The rapidly growing industry of genetically modified crops are infiltrating our food supply at an alarming rate. More than…

5 Quick Steps And One Sure Way To Rising And Waking Up Early

There are so many reasons we wish to wake early, sometimes to meet up with deadlines while others can be to get to place of work as early as possible. But the issue is most of the times we find it hard to get up from bed. These article and my personal formula will guide you to always rise up as quickly as possible. .
. 1. Sleep as early as possible.  Atmost 10pm if u wish to wake up 6am or 9pm if your target is to wake up 5am. . 2. Avoid eating late at night.  Atmost by 6:30 - 7:30 pm you should have taken your dinner. This doesn't only help to wake early, but it also helps maintain good health system. If peradventure you happen to eat late at night, make sure it is something light and not heavy meal. . 3. Set alarm.
This is obvious, since basic function of an alarm is to wake us up. But it is more better if you set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than the normal time you wish to wake up. For example if you want to wake 6am, set first alarm at 5:45am and the last one at 6:00am. . …

Internet Business That Can Fetch You Quick Income

No matter how much you may earn; it is never enough. This explains why even billionaires still go to work every day and make huge investments despite the fact that their financial life is secured. In this article, you will discover digital side hustles than can make your bank account swell id you adopt and work on any. 1. BloggingWhile a lot of people will often criticize those who go into blogging for the sake of money, we think the opinion is lame. First of all, if you treat blogging as a hobby, it means you give it the little attention and time you can spare. Don’t expect to have the same results as someone who is dedicated to it.Second, blogging in itself has become a business. As common with all businesses, profit is key. Your idea of profit may vary but it will often share a common denominator which is to earn money. Can you earn via blogging? An emphatic yes! There are quite a number of things you need to know which cannot be adequately explained in this article. You can, howev…

10 Quick Steps To Revive A Boring Relationship

There’s nothing so worrisome than having a partner and still feel lonely or bored even when they are around you.Or that stage in a relationship you almost get tired of your partner and really need some space.The worst part is not being able to help the situation, because you keep losing interest in each other day by day, but you still want to make things work out because you love and always want your partner around.A lot of couples have asked this questions so many times and in so many ways and still find it difficult to maintain a relationship with their partners, they always want to be away from each other because they can’t find nothing to do together, I want to let you know that there is no specific solution to your boring relationship, but there are things you can do to revive it and rekindle the fire of love between you two, and secondly when it comes to love, you don’t force things to happen, you just let it happen naturally and that’s the best way to LOVE someone.I’m going to…

7 Big Career Mistakes You Should Avoid

I have worked in 4 different offices including those from startups to the biggest corporate organizations in the country. I believe that you should avoid the following mistakes:1) Expecting that everything will be fair in your organisation. It 
won't be fair and you’ll have to accept that. There will be.
people who have no actual skills and they will still be on top.2) Thinking that your colleagues and friends are real friends or. 
more like family. They will forget about you the day after you. 
leave the organisation. We are a big family is one BIG lie.3) Don't ever think that you can't be replaced. Everybody is 
replaceable but it's just about how hard are you to replace. 
and how much it's going to cost them.4) Relaxing and thinking that you are settled for life when you 
land on one good job. Trust me, you will be fired the day the. 
organisation is in crisis. Think about yourself and start. 
working on increasing your skills.5) Depending too much on your organ…

10 Tips On Inspecting A Car You Wish To Buy

This post is for you if you want to purchase a car. It is advised you go with a professional who can run the checks for you. If you must do it on your own, here are what you must always do.1. Before buying, before starting the car, check the engine oil and it’s colour. If it’s light brown, the oil is good; if it’s black, immediate service of the engine is non-negotiable. Note that it is advisable to service the engine of your car immediately after purchase because it may be due already or the previous owner used the wrong oil. 2. Check the radiator coolant level to see if it's short.3. Check for rough wiring and ask the owner why the wirings are rough; bad wiring can cause electrical issues in your car.4. Look beneath the car as well, check for engine oil leaks, transmission oil leaks and water leaks.5. Check for rusts. Rusts are not good for cars. It can cause leaks in cars.6. Start the car and look at the colour of the smoke that comes out of the exhaust pipe when you rev the ca…

7 Quick Ways to Get Jobs Upon Arrival Into The States

Amazing! You just arrived in the United States of America, ready to live the American dream. Your intention might be to live off your sponsors or get a job to support yourself. But whatever you may have had in mind before coming, getting a job is the best option – an indication that you don’t want to become a liability to anyone. Securing a job in a foreign country, no doubt, won’t be an easy task. Remember you are a foreigner and there would be competition from other job seekers too. But you can stand out and become the preferred candidate. What you need is the right information on how things work. So read the seven ways to secure jobs fast upon arrival into the US.Be employable (What skill or qualification do you have?)
When you start planning your trip to the US, think of the skill you have or can develop that would enable you to secure a job. You can obtain a degree or learn something. You may decide to develop a skill even though you have a degree. There are many skills to learn;…

3 Things That Can Delay The Success Of An Entrepreneur And Its Solution

Entrepreneurs are doing a lot of great things and there are several people who would have given up because they couldn’t withstand the challenges that come with striving to succeed in entrepreneurship. To start a business and go far as an entrepreneur, there are pitfalls that must be avoided. Here are three pitfalls that can destroy your entrepreneurship dreams:Quitting When Things Are HardWhen things are hard and the future is uncertain, the level of your hard work, your persistence and optimism should rise high enough to defeat the challenges of the day. What else will you rather do than heed Alan Kay’s words which say “the best way to predict a future is to invent it”, another sincere advice lies in the words of Colin Powell stating that “a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”Falling For DistractionsFocus is as important as hard work, total commitment and quality result can only be achieved in a short period of time when distract…

Short Story: The Kind Housewife

A SISTER SHARES HER EXPERIENCE…I had just joined my in-laws’ family as a new bride. My husband and I were living in Lagos then. Also living with us was a younger brother of his, whom my husband always tagged ‘lazy’.
Sometimes, my husband would even ask me not to give him food. But I said to myself ‘’not me. For as long as I am in this house…that young man will not go hungry under my watch’’.
So, I devised means of sending food to him. Sometimes, I would emerge from the kitchen carrying a bucket (especially when my husband is in the sitting room) as if carrying water but inside that bucket is a plate of food and spoon for my brother in-law.
The guy in question is such an easy going guy, whom the brother only saw as a ‘never do well’ but I saw a young man who was yet to find his bearing in life.
I am the eldest (and only girl) in my family. I have younger brothers and I see a lot of similarities between them and that particular brother in-law of mine.
The same brother that my husband …

4 Simple Methods To Receive Money From Abroad

In the year 2015, Nigerians received about $21 billion from abroad. That figure was sent home by Nigerians in Diaspora. The significant increase of digital marketing in Nigeria in the last few years would no doubt have swelled that figure. However, one of the biggest problems facing many Nigerian freelancers and affiliate marketers is how to receive payment abroad. Apparently, Nigeria has a bad track record of honesty in financial matters which has made PayPal scared of us. The ban placed on receiving money in Nigeria has been a reoccurring pain for many people and has made some Nigerians incur losses. In fact, a petition was once signed but it apparently yielded no fruits.If you want to receive money in Nigeria from abroad, you can still do so via the 5 alternatives below.1. Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers)Skrill is one of the top alternatives through which Nigerians can receive money from abroad. It provides basically the same service as PayPal and allows you to send and rece…
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