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5 Steps To Get A Good Grade In W.A.E.C Exam Just Within A Month

How To Get Good Results In W.A.E.C with Intensive Study
Your Exams May be few weeks from now and you have been reading for so long,now is notthe time to stop but to intensify your readings.

Today,you and I will quickly look at the topic in this series of how to write and pass waec at once successfully .You may have doubts with yourself but i assure you at,we will try our best to put through.

Let me bust your bubbles W.A.E.C is one of the most easy exams to pass with fantastic scores.Also If you have been searching for [what is the waec marking scheme, waec exam question, waec marking guide, waec expo center, waec mathematics marking scheme, wassce exam time table, waec marking guide for english language, 2018/2019 waec question, how to read for gce, gce exams syllabus, is gce harder than waec, waec expo center, how to read for waec examination, how to pass waec mathematics, waec marking guide, waec mathematics marking scheme] then you are definitely in the right place.

Things To Avoid If you want To pass W.A.E.C

Stop Associating With Unserious Friends
This actually works as you get a lot of space and time to focus on your books. stopping Unserious friends from paying you visit at this time is very important.You need to settle down,you need to be serious at this point of your life more than ever.You need a clear mind at this point.

Limit Social Media Usage
Social Media Networks Like Facebook,twitter and Instagram etc.Can be very addictive.Sometimes you need to come online for some few minutes a day to check up on friends but if you are an addictive type its better you stay off Social media totally For now because you may end up spending hours,scooping unnecessary informations that will in no way help you in your W.A.E.C exams.

1.Avoid Attending Too Much Functions
At This Moment you don't Need to attend functions at all aside your religious functions.If you are too busy with functions even religious ones here and there .I can vividly tell you,you will come out in failing colors.They are people who play God,they wont read but attend all the church,mosque programs believing God will make them pass easily.

2. Avoid T.V
All Those Series and movies you want to watch,now is not the time to watch them.You have the whole year to yourself to do that.

Things you should do to pass w.a.e.c in flying colors

Be Calm:
You have to be calm first before anything else,If you are not calm you won't focus at all

3. Study well with full insight:
Since waec is very close,its important to pay attention to every detail while studying pick out the important points and neglect the rest.This will improve the rate at which you cover topics.Most stories in text books  are there to make you feel comfortable and will not necessary come out in exams so don't break your head.

4. Make use of Adrenaline:
As the exams draws closer,your zeal to read decreases.Like I said try your best to fight on.This is the time to read harder .If you use to read 7 hours a day increase it to 12 hours a day.Don't be deceived by anyone.Last minutes readings pay alot as they are still fresh in your head,Just make sure you study them well.

5. Don't Read Big and Bulky Books:
At these moment you should be looking for waec key points,this helps a lot as it is specific and effective.Also get text books like "quick review in chemistry",essential chemistry or any subjects you choose in waec. you can finish the books in two days and have a very good understanding of what you read.

6. Revise what you have read
This is very important don't be a fool,don't read without revising.Don't have sleepless nights to forget what you have read.Revision is very effective and powerful.Do not fail to revise.

7. Use Past Questions
We can never stop emphasizing on this.W.A.E.C are master repeaters of questions.This is the most important and surest way to score high in waec. Everything without adding this is futile.

How to Solve waec past questions
You start by picking a year-Its advisable to start solving from the last 5 years .Study the past questions like its all that matters in your life Questions you can't solve,search the out on google ,someone somewhere in the world has solved it and pasted the answer.

Don't Study past questions because questions are repeated,study past questions so as to have an idea and operate at the same frequency with W.A.E.C.If you know W.A.E.C standards of setting questions not one question will surprise you in the exams.



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