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10 Tips To Enjoying a Successful Year

As we all seem to be endlessly searching for ways to make the best out of the coming year, several opinions have been raised.
Despite this, there are definitely some things that need to be emphasized. These drawbacks (somewhat) are ubiquitous in their ability to deter your success in 2018. But don’t fret because if you really seek success in this coming year, and you fear some of your actions are blocking your desire for a better year, you have the power and control to overcome them.
Listed below are some very small things you MUST leave behind in 2017.
1. Stop Using “Am” instead of “I’m”!
This annoying grammatical practice ran rampant throughout 2017. Like? This difference is very simple but our people decided to have a bad case of the simples. Although some of us do not know we are making this mistake, there are still some people that know about this mistake but just decide to dig in their heels.
When I wanted to hire content writers for someone this year, I posted the job offer and told those who applied to write a short article about themselves. My eyes were on stalks with the number of wrong “am” usages I saw, like “Am a content writer with 7years of experience”. Those entries were just silently disregarded. You never can tell if that’s why they never called you back after those job interviews.
This applies to “Have and I’ve, its and it’s” and other little grammatical misappropriations as well.
I know English language is hard for everybody, but please learn it so as to avoid this mistake in 2018.
2. Cut Out Dense Friendships!
There are some friendships that aren’t helping you. Look around you and thumb through your friends, then ask yourself, do your friends have ambitions? Do they have drive? Do they have the same mentality as you? If all you do is just laugh, drink, play and never really get into any serious career discussions, they are dense friends. You can’t be eating unhealthy foods and expecting to feel good. Stop hanging out with negative, draining people and expecting to feel positive and fulfilled. Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.
Analyse your friends in 2018, keep close to the meaningful ones only.
3. Stop Wasting Your Time On Whatsapp!
We waste too much time on Whatsapp (And Social Media). Damn. It’s as if Whatsapp created new employment opportunities for us when they implemented the updates feature. We now stay glued all day waiting for who’s next to upload status to keep us entertained.
Quite right, whatsapp is a good way to keep in touch and stay out of boredom. But there are some conversations that are just mere time wasting. If she’s replying you with one words “k, nice, alright, m fine”, why not just block her life from your whatsapp and reduce your worries by one?
Stop sitting around your house scrolling on your phone and expecting to be productive and accomplished. Reduce the time you spend on whatsapp. You can spend the same amount of time learning things that’ll help your life. 
If you are the type that spends all day on Whatsapp, stop it in 2018! It’s bad!
4. If You Are Self-Employed, Stop Doing Free Jobs!
Stop being fooled into doing free work based on promises it will pay off for you in the end. More often than not, it doesn’t! Don’t get lured into something based on the hook that your work could “turn into something big.” There’s a good chance you’ll end up donating a lot of your time and energy without getting anything in return.
This is a 5-unit time wasting course. Whoever needs your service should be ready to pay for it. Although whatever amount you charge depends on you, be it cheap or expensive. But my friend, value your time and effort.
There are exceptions to this, you can decide to do a free work if;
1. You are just learning and it’ll help you learn faster
2. You’ll gain real-life experience and an impressive addition to your resume
If you don’t value your time, other people won’t either. So it’s important to know your worth. And if you’re going to do some work for free, be intentional about it. Make sure it’s something that makes sense for your business.
Stop doing free jobs for people in 2018! I’m sure you love expensive cars and Island houses as well, free jobs won’t help you achieve those.
5. Stop Making Women Your Priority!
We waste too much time chasing random ladies up and down. Quite right, women are the best. According to Aristotle, “If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning”. But there’s always a moderate way of taking actions.
The idea of chasing women is not even bad, it’s the time-wasting endeavor of beating around no particular circle and just wasting precious time. Consider the analogy of a moth and a flame. Many men out there act like the moth — they are attracted to the flame, often erratically bouncing around and never getting too close for fear of getting burned, thereby wasting time.
Whichever you want, either sex or date, be very fast in making your intentions known, if yes, you won, if no, you save yourself some time to do something productive with your life.
Being realistic, if many men invest the time they use in chasing ladies in hustling for a better life, we would have more millionaires by now.
Let 2018 be different, don’t waste too much time chasing ladies, some of them will waste your dear time!
6. Get Crypto-Conscious!
With all the rage of cryptocurrencies, chances are slim that you have no idea of what it is. At least, you know bitcoins?
Nigeria recently started catching the wave, and 2018 will give birth to more crypto millionaires. Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest ways to make good money without really doing any stressful labour apart from brilliant researches.
If you have no idea of Cryptocurrency, I advise you go on google and learn this game. If you have any free money that you are not spending, cryptocurrencies might be a good bet.
However, I should warn you. If you are considering investing in cryptocurrencies, it may be best to treat your “investment” in the same way you would treat any other highly speculative venture. In other words, recognize that you run the risk of losing part of your investment, if you are not careful.
Cryptocurrencies will make people smile in 2018, well maybe otherwise. But if you play your game with caution and patience, you might have a better year.
7. Stop Complaining!
Every man with his problem(s), but who cares? There may not be a more destructive (and annoying) habit than chronic complaining. It’s time for us to wake up and stop murmuring once and for all. When living out our daily lives, especially in a country like Nigeria and the influence of social media (oppression), it’s often easy to look around and blame some factors for our problems.
While it’s true that there are things in the outside world we can’t control, the biggest difference between two people is simply their reaction towards it. Stop lamenting up and down, nobody really cares about your complaints.
But if you really need to complain, do it to someone that will provide a solution to your problem. But often times, only YOU can help YOU. 
Get into proper actions in 2018.
8. Make Sure There Is Something You Are Doing Right!
Either you are doing well academically, learning a skill, developing your talent, making money (anyhow), or doing well at your workplace. There must be something you are doing right and good at. There must be something you can be applauded for. Otherwise, you are just a regular man.
If your academics is leading nowhere, start learning a skill, or start a proper hustle,. If you are not passing well in school, you are not good at any skill, no talent, no real hustle, no relationship (not even with God), then what are you doing with your life?
Make 2018 better, there must be something you can point to as your strong point.
9. Stop Waiting For Anyone To Help You!
You are alone, don’t allow your entire life purpose drive away while waiting for someone. Stop waiting for someone to come and make you happy.
What if your distant uncle promised you a job, he has probably repeated that cliche saying a million times before, you’ve ruminated on it and you were like “damn I have no worries”. And it wasn’t until that evening did it really actually hit you that he was dead (Forbidden by God).
Or someone promised to teach you a skill that he makes money from. What if he just teaches you the scratch and never goes into details, knowing fully well that you’re never going to make a dime out of that surface knowledge.
There are some people that are worth waiting for, but there’s no harm in having supernumerary decisIons, also known as plan B. Don’t just sit down throughout 2018 waiting for favour from an entity. People disappoint and at times it’s beyond their control.
Always remember that nobody loves you more than you. And only you can help yourself better. 
Don’t sit and wait all 2018 for anyone, go and do your thing your way.
10. Stay Closer To God!
Unfortunately, many people seem to be on a spiritual roller coaster in their relationship with God. But God doesn’t want our relationship with Him to be like this, and He has provided us with everything we need to grow closer to Him every day. You really do not have to be a daddy G.O to be close to God, just put God first – and keep him there. Pray for a great year (2018), as you might not know, prayers work.
There you have them. He who talks and chill lives to talk another day. On this note, I withdraw my pen.


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