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37 Most Common Phrases We Use Wrongly

You're taking it personal ❌
You're taking it personally ✔He is matured ❌
He is mature ✔The reason is Because ❌
The reason is that ✔My stuffs ❌
My stuff ✔Night vigil ❌
Vigil ✔Traveling bag ❌
Travel Bag ✔As at when due ❌
As and when due ✔Be rest assured ❌
Rest assured ✔I'm hearing you ❌
I can hear you ✔My names are ❌
My name is ✔All manners of ❌
All manner of ✔She delivered a baby boy ❌
She was delivered of a baby boy ✔Lacking behind ❌
Lagging behind ✔Crack your brain ❌
Rack your brain ✔Return it back ❌
Return it ✔Nigeria comprises of 36 states ❌
Nigeria comprises 36 states ✔Wake keeping ❌
Wake ✔Exercise patience ❌
Be patient ✔Barbing saloon ❌
Barber shop ✔I forgot my phone at home ❌
I left my phone at home✔Borrow me your pen ❌
May I borrow your pen ✔More grease to your elbow ❌
More power to your elbow ✔Funny enough, I've never liked him ❌
Funnily enough, I've never liked him ✔My body is scratching me ❌
My body itches ✔Letterhead paper ❌
Letterhead ✔I'm not your …

77 Lists Of Companies Owned By Google

For the past Nine years Google is on a  hunt of acquiring  many companies. After acquiring lot of Tech based companies Google has created its parent company Alphabet. Though tries to list this alphabetically cause At first when the Alphabet is created it had only few companies under it. But now, all the alphabet from  A-Z has got a company name.         Some people may still be confused as to what brands and companies are now under the control of Alphabet. Here are the companies  Alphabet Inc. currently owns:A -  
Alphabet ,
Android ,
AdSense ,
Analytics ,  
Ara , AdMob ,
Alerts·         B -  
Blogger ,
Boston Dynamics ,
Books·         C -  
Calico ,
Cardboard ,
Capital·         D -  
Drive ,
DeepMind ,
Design ,
DoubleClick·        E -  
Earth ,
Express·         F -  
Fiber ,
Fi ,
Flights ,
FeedBurner ,
Finance·          G -
Google ,
Gmail ,
Glass ,
Groups·        -
 Hangouts·        I -    
Images ,
Ingress ,
Inbox ,
Invite …

24 Best Self Development Tips You Wish You Knew

___________________________________*1. Make friends with successful people and occasionally buy them gifts and surprise them with lunch because successful people always give and hardly get, so when you give them, they value the gift a lot*.*2. Get a mentor and follow his instructions and respect the relationship. Never beg your mentor for money or disrespect his or her privacy.**3. Make new positive friends as often as possible and ensure you keep the communication line open. Create a network of friends and not just connections.**5. Show kindness to everyone. Some small boys today will be big boys tomorrow. The biggest dog in the neighbourhood was once a puppy. Keep the information/secret to yourself.**6. Always plan ahead and be proactive. He that plans the future works less in the future.**7. Listen to speeches and messages from great teachers, both religious and educational.**8. Attend seminars and trainings on any area you need to improve yourself - Train the…

8 Reasons Why Some People Fail In Online Businesses

It is beyond every reasonable doubt that the internet is the mega world that is willing, able and ready to provide income for all Nigerians that are ready to tap from its wealth.On a daily basis, many Nigerians are enthusiastic, excited and want to get into an online business. The unfortunate part is that 120days later, 95% of them are already out of business.From my research, I have discovered that the reason why so many businesses fail, all comes down to 10 main this article, I will share this reasons with you and give you tips on what you will do differently to succeed.1 Avoid The Get Rich QuickToday, the online business world is filled up with ponzy schemes, MLMs, Cryptocurrency investments and hyips that promise Nigerians heavens on earth but leave them poorer than they met them.What I want you to realize is that if you are promised 30 or 50% returns on your investment, the first thing you should ask is that where will that 30-50% come from? If somebody will have to lo…

5 Travel Habits You Should Do Away With

If you travel often, it’s expected that you develop habits that work for you. Unfortunately, due to the fact that you are used to these habits nurtured over time, you can also develop a few bad travel habits along the way. The good news is that you can break them with a little bit of effort. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, highlights bad travel habits you need to abdicate.Not learning the basics of a languageIf you regularly find yourself in a new country and realise you never learned how to say even hello or thank you, you are simply putting yourself at risk because it will difficult for you to effectively communicate. Learning new languages is difficult and might not seem worth it if you’re passing through many different countries or staying for a short time, but knowing the basics can make all the difference when it comes to how comfortable you feel.Overloading your scheduleWhether you are travelling for business or leisure, you may be tempted to overload your sched…

5 Steps To Get A Good Grade In W.A.E.C Exam Just Within A Month

How To Get Good Results In W.A.E.C with Intensive Study
Your Exams May be few weeks from now and you have been reading for so long,now is notthe time to stop but to intensify your readings.Today,you and I will quickly look at the topic in this series of how to write and pass waec at once successfully .You may have doubts with yourself but i assure you at,we will try our best to put through.Let me bust your bubbles W.A.E.C is one of the most easy exams to pass with fantastic scores.Also If you have been searching for [what is the waec marking scheme, waec exam question, waec marking guide, waec expo center, waec mathematics marking scheme, wassce exam time table, waec marking guide for english language, 2018/2019 waec question, how to read for gce, gce exams syllabus, is gce harder than waec, waec expo center, how to read for waec examination, how to pass waec mathematics, waec marking guide, waec mathematics marking scheme] then you are definitely in the right place.Thing…

10 Quick Side Hustles You Can Try Out In 2018

Another year has just begun and this is usually the best time to take stock of achievements in the previous year, while mapping out new goals for the future. One can give some thought to side hustles for augmenting his/her normal monthly income this year. As needs keep piling up and cost of living keeps escalating, creating multiple streams of income is one sure way to overcome the twin problems of lack and poverty in Nigeria.We will be going through a list of 10 side hustles (small businesses one can do alongside normal jobs) and you can decide which of them will be suitable for implementation depending on your passion or funds available.Manage social media platformsStartup capital: N150,000
Payback period: 8-12 monthsEstimated Income: N20k/MonthMarket – Blogs, Small Businesses, EntertainersThe internet world has become a veritable marketing tool and more individuals are using social media to create a steady stream of income. Celebrities, companies and businesses are using these socia…

50 Courses You Can Study In Nigerian Universities Without Passing Mathematics

Mathematics is highly dreaded among Nigerian students and many students wish to say bye bye to it after secondary school. If you don’t like math, or just don’t want to have anything with it again, or you didn’t make credit pass in it in WAEC or GCE, these are the courses and schools (universities) that can still offer you admission with pass (D7 or E8) in o’level Mathematics.List of schools and courses that accept pass in Mathematics:-Archaeology (ABU, Ibadan)
Arabic Studies (ABU, Fountain, BUK, Al-Hikmah, Ilorin, Jos, KWASU etc)
Classical Studies (Ibadan)
Christian Religious Knowledge (Abuja, Babcock, Bowen, etc)
Fine and Applied Arts (Delsu, Benin, UNN etc)
Creative Arts ( Lagos, UNIPORT, UNN, UNIMAID etc)
Dramatic/Performing/Theater Arts/Films Studies (ABU, Abuja, OAU, Bayero, Bowen, Calabar etc)
English Language/English Studies (ABU, AAU, ABUAD, Babcock, Caritas, Uyo, UNIOSUN, Redeemers, LASU etc)
English Language & Literature (AUN, UNIZIK, ABSU, UNIBEN etc)
Literature in Engl…

Quick Summary Of The Book - Art Of War By Sun Tzu

The Art of War was written by a Chinese general named Sun Tzu more than 2,500 years ago, possibly in the 6th Century BC. The book has long been heralded for its advice on military success. And this advice has since been co-opted by legions of armchair soldiers and generals in the business world.The book is composed of 13 chapters, each of which focuses on a different aspect of war. It'sa smart book. It's also poetic, repetitive, and arcane. So we've boiled down the highlights, compiling quotes from throughout the book.ON MANAGEMENT: Care about your team, but also be toughThere are five dangerous faults which may affect a general:recklessness, which leads to destruction;cowardice, which leads to capture;a hasty temper, which can be provoked by insults;a delicacy of honor, which is sensitive to shame;over-solicitude for his men, which exposes himto worry and trouble.Regard your soldiers as your children, and theywill follow you into the deepest valleys; look upon them as you…

The 48 Laws Of Powers You Should Learn To Apply

Below is a cheat sheet (aka summary) of The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. This book sounds kinda weird and evil (and sometimes it is) but it’s a fun read that tells the story of some of the most powerful people in history. Lots of good info here and lots of awful advice, so be careful not to follow everything the book says Enjoy! 48 Laws of Power Cheat Sheet Law 1: Never outshine the master Make those above you feel superior. Do not show your talents too much, it’ll make them insecure.Make the master appear more brilliant than they are.Law 2: Never put too much trust in friends, learn to use enemies Friends will quickly betray you.Hire former enemies, they’ll be loyal.Law 3: Conceal your intentions Keep people off-balance. They cannot prepare if they don’t know. Guide them down the wrong path.Law 4: Always say less than necessary When trying to impress, the more you say the more common you look and less in control.Be vague.Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less.Law 5: S…
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