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Honey Soap, Clears And Smooth Skin Beautifies Face & Body - ₦1000

This Black honey soap is made with Honey and essential ingredients that helps rejuvenates, revitalise and nourish your skin. It forms latter easily and it is the best soap that you can get that takes care of your skin with ease and comfort. It is not only good for your skin but it helps combat major skin diseases like pimples, rashes and eczema thereby giving you a glowing and radiant skin. Comprises of 90% natural ingredients, Honey and herbs. It forms latter easily. It is suitable for all types of skin Gives you smooth and healthy skin Replenishes your skin to give a beautiful and glowing skin. Clear chronic Eczema, Acne, Pimple Apply and rub on the surface of rashes, parasite and allergic infection for 15 minutes before bath.  Comprises of 90% natural ingredients, Honey and herbs. It forms latter easily. It is suitable for all types of skin Gives you smooth and healthy skin Replenishes your skin to give a beautiful and glowing skin. Clear chronic Eczema, Acne, Pimple Apply and rub o
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Goodluck, Favour, Mercy Bath Soap Effective Prayer Success Soap - ₦4000

Are you experiencing difficulties in your endeavors? No help from anyone, promise and fail. Has someone cursed you or you are always a victim of bad circumstances? Then get this ultimate prayer salt soap. You will give glory to God if you use it, because it opens all closed mercy and favor doors for you. Those that have used this can testify to its goodness. This is a very effective mercy, favour and goodluck soap that will stop misfortune in your life and make things work in your favour. Do you know that certain behaviour on your own part can make things go your way or the other way? For example rushing to do things often leads to badluck, boasting before success likewise leads to result not going in your favour. Using this prayer salt soap helps gives you that aura of confidence and believe to make things work for you. Do you know that just as wine or alcohol meddles with human brain, so do some certain herb helps human gain favour, calmness and with prayer leads to your all round su

Pimples And Acne Solution Best Smooth Skin Herbal Cream - ₦1000

We know it’s hard to feel like yourself when it looks like everyone is staring at your skin issue. Chimek herbal cream helps clears and smooth the appearance of your skin by eliminating pimple and acne.  Our strategy combines a unique blend of ingredients and Nourishing cream formula which gently removes and correct the defect skin cells from your skin and replace with fresh new ones. About Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells. Pimples are a type of acne. It is a small  Red, tender bumps with white pus at their tips.  Pimples develop when sebaceous glands, or oil glands, become clogged and infected, leading to swollen, red lesions filled with pus. It is Also known as spots or zits.  Overproduction of oil and a build-up of bacteria contribute to pimples. Areas of the skin that have the largest number of functional oil glands, such as the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders, are often affected. Common known causes of Acne or  Pimple

Tennis Balls, Highly Elastic Lawn Tennis Long Tennis Balls - ₦500

A tennis ball is a ball designed for the sport of tennis. They are covered in a fibrous felt which modifies their aerodynamic properties. Our ball is unique, elastic and Ideal for tennis ball matches, machines, tennis practice, and for playing with your loved ones. It is Made of natural rubber for consistent feel and reduced shock.  The bounce height is designed according to standard and these balls will have the same consistent bounce for the life of the ball. It is Totally blank for autographing and display. Ideal for tennis ball matches, machines, tennis practice, or even playing with your pets. Contact Seller via Call or WhatsApp on 08030939040 to order. 

Scar, Pimples, Stretch Mark, Acne, Rashes, All spot removal herbal cream - ₦1000

Chimek herbal cream helps reduce and clears the appearance of scars injury, burns, acne, pimples, stretch mark, darkspot, black knuckle, eczema, boils, rashes etc on the skin and face.  It’s hard to feel like yourself when it looks like everyone is staring at your skin issue. This cream helps you ease the doubts because it’s clinically proven to improve and correct any error in your skin.  It works for many types of skin issues like scars, acne, stretch marks, burns, cuts, and other injuries. And since you only have to apply the Gel once a day, it’s easy to use.  We have a long tradition of visible improvement in the appearance of scars and stretch marks when used as directed.  Our strategy combines a unique blend of ingredients and Nourishing cream formula which gently removes the dead skin cells from your skin and replace with fresh new ones. How to use  Cleanse the area with soap and water before application. Apply on the affected part of your skin be it face or body. Gently rub or

Herbal Eye drop, Ultimate Solution to all Eye Problems Facts - ₦2000

The eye is our organ of sight. And it is arguably human most treasured and protected part the body.  This clear vision herbal Eye formula is for treatment of various eye problems, pains and defects such as cataract, glaucoma, itching, short sightedness, long sightedness, night blindness, particles or micro-organisms attack on the eye, Retina or pupil turning white, Refractive Errors, continuous pain in the eye or Eye socket, Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Amblyopia, Strabismus and many more. The truth is that losing one’s eyesight is one of the worst possible health outcome, according to studies.  As a result, we create this herbal Eye formula to tackle any diseases that affects the eyes.  So if you are feeling like there is something in your eye, this eye treatment help improve quality of your life and slow progression or the damage to the eyes.  Unlike most over-the-counter eye solution, this is the triple-action, prescription strength formula that works in m

Do These 6 Sweet Things If You Want Any Girl To Love You Like Crazy

1. If you want her to love you, then make her to always talk while you listen. Some men are natural talkative, and that is why they usually fail in the journey of finding true love. Women need listening ears. They need a man who will listen to them all the time, because women always do have something to say. According to a popular research in Harvard University in the United States of America, a woman is two times more than likely to fall in love with the man who listens to her while she talks, than the man who she listens to. This is true in all ramification. All you have to do is make her talk more while you listen, and she will love you like crazy.   2. Make sure you look straight into are eyes with confidence when you both are discussing. This one is common. Sharp guys have been using this format to get the girls they want. Unfortunately, you will always need a lot of confidence to make this happen. It is not easy to look straight into the eyes of the opposite gender. It takes guts

Hire a Private Investigator in Nigeria - #5000

Are you a  Human Resource (HR), Professional, Lawyer /Attorney, Caregiver, Business Owners, Landlord (Property Owner), Employer, Employee, Tenant or Mr. Nobody and   - Are you been accused wrongly?  - Are you finding a missing person? - Do you need to check on your children or someone in schools/universities or any state in Nigeria?  - Do you need to investigate a particular crime?  - Do you want to find out the identity and validity of an opportunity, Scheme, business, occupation, character etcetera of a person or someone?  - Find location of lost or stolen property - Do you wish to Investigate the cause of fire, loss, accident, damage or injury?  - Prevent trivial matters from escalating and growing beyond proportion. Then you need the service of a Private Investigator (PI), in other words you need our services as we are the leading PI in Nigeria  A private investigator (sometimes called a private eye, private detective, inquiry agent) is a person who can be hired by individuals or g

HIV, AIDS Herbal Antiviral Treatment, Highly Active Local Vaccine - #8000

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks the body's immune system. It  attacks cells that help the body fight infection, making a person more vulnerable to other infections and diseases. If HIV is not treated, it can lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and consequently death.  Pure Organic herbal supplement is a mixture of plants, herbs, natural supplements and fruits that helps builds immunity and destroy antigens.  History HIV infection in humans according to reports came from a breed of chimpanzee in Central Africa. This chimpanzee version of the virus (called simian immunodeficiency virus, or SIV) was probably passed to humans when humans hunted them for meat and came in contact with their infected blood.  Then Over decades, HIV slowly spread across Africa and later into other parts of the world.  Common Symptoms What is usually the first sign of HIV? Fever is at the top of the list—it's one of the most common initial signs of an HIV infectio

Fluorescent Light Bulb, Best Energy Saving Lamp, Super Long Life Light Bulbs - ₦1200

A fluorescent lamp, or fluorescent tube, is a low-pressure gas-discharge lamp that uses fluorescence to produce visible light. Do you know that incandescent bulbs not only consume your electricity, produces poor light but as well affect your health? With our SLEEK Fluorescent bulbs, no more poor vision and eye strains.  This fluorescent bulb is Great for task lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and garages and creates daylight in entryways and foyers, living and dining rooms, dens and offices, bedrooms and hallways. Use these spiral light bulbs in floor and table lamps, as well as ceiling fixtures and fans. It is infact produced with the aim of reducing money spent on high electricity bills. Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs use an efficient chemical reaction to produce light, which requires 66%-75% less electricity to produce the same light output as a comparable incandescent bulb, which produces light by passing electricity through a small wire filament and heating it until
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